Trench material - input please


Nov 23, 2008
Victoria, Canada
Hi ladies,
I did a search and couldn't find much information on this. I'm looking for some input on trenches. I'm hoping to get one soon (maybe an after Christmas sale:graucho:)! How "waterproof" are the trenches? Are they at least somewhat water resistant? I'm assuming none are 100% water proof but I live in a very rainy city so I need something that is as water resistant as possible and something that's not going to soak through.

I'm most interested in a classic style like this one but in honey:

What's the difference between cotton, cotton/polyester, taffeta, packaway (polyester), in terms of water resistance??

I like the taffeta ones too but are they pretty dressy? I'm looking for something that's versatile (work, going out, etc.).

The only one I could find with a hood is this one, which I'm ok with. I'm not crazy about the length but I assume it can be hemmed:

Thanks ladies!!
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Call me Kenny.
May 2, 2006
London, England
In my opinion, the polyester ones are the most waterproof based on feel of fabric. We have a few in our household but although it's rainy here I never leave the house without an umbrella so I can't tell you how particularly waterproof they are. On the contrary, I've never had an issue when it's been raining and my sleeves or parts of the trench has gotten wet.

I find the Burberry Brit collection to be more versatile for work as well as casual. I'm not sure if there's an equivalent for womens? I presume it's the same.


Nov 11, 2010
If you are looking for waterproof trenchs I would say you go for Polyester. My Burberry Brit trench is 100% Polyester and it feels quite light. And yes it's waterproof! You won't get wet under light rain unless you wear the trench under heavy rain for a long time ;). Ah and the best thing with Polyester is that it won't get dirty and absorb bad smells that easy like Cotton. Cotton is warm and soft but...not waterproof at all :sad: