Trench Coats: Single Breasted or Double Breasted?

  1. Which style of trench coat is more flattering to you?
  2. Definitely single breasted which is recommended for petite gals~
  3. I think they generally do the same thing for your figure since they both tie at the waist. I prefer double breasted because it looks more polished and classic.
  4. It depends on the jacket. Double may be a bit more formal and perhaps a tad more masculine. It depends on how it's done.
  5. I like the double breasted ones myself, especially the Burberry's. Ironically, I went to Bloomies last weekend to get one, but they only had the single button ones. They were definately very nice, but not what I had my heart set on.
  6. double breasted all the way.
  7. double breasted
  8. Definitely double breasted. Love trenches!
  9. double breasted though I don't have a trench :p but I like them on coats/jackets.
  10. double breasted for me. single ones look odd on me.
  11. I like double-breasted, though single-breasted is nice when the buttons don't go straight down the middle.
  12. i like single breasted ones coss the double makes it look too big and masculine to me ....
  13. A well-cut double breasted trench -- nothing is more chic! I got my mom an amazing one from Burberry two Christmases ago. It's black with a slight sheen to it and it's the shorter length which is perfect for petites. I wish I had gotten myself one when I had the chance but I haven't seen one like it since.
  14. I like the look of the double-breasted better but I found I look better in a single-breasted trench so I went with that.
  15. Double breasted.