TRENCH Coat !! Long & Short?!

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  1. I love the way trench coats look and with the current weather in NEW YORK unseasonably warm I think a trench coat with be great for fall and spring!! I want to look at a variety of trench coats, Long and short, expensive and not expensive I would love to see your recommendations!!
    Thanks in advance!!:heart:
  2. Minnie, I've been looking at trench coats too lately. I think it is a wardrobe staple. I've decided to bite the bullet and invest in a Burberry. I figure it never goes out of style so I might as well buy a good one. Since I am petite I am going to get a shorter one. I find the longer ones overwhelm me. I am going to get a black one. I think black is a little dressier than the tan so I can get away with wearing it at night sometimes too. What have you been looking at?
  3. I think short as well because I am petite! I have a lot of black jackets so I was thinking that I would go for the lighter beige (tan) look! Can you send me of the short burberry tan one! Thanks
  4. I have this trovata one that i wear a lot. Get lots of compliments on it. It's short. At standardstyle. 20% through tomorrow (today I guess).
    I really like this one too. Also trovata. At activeendeavors. 20% off with toutie or thankyou.
    This is a mara hoffman one I like. It's a little different and it looks really light. Also activeendeavors.
    I'm not sure if this qualifies, but this one's from Karen Zambos. shopbop.
  5. Even at my age, I knew that Burberry made the best trenches, and got one last year... Ever since, it's been in regular rotation here in London. It's the perfect thing I can throw on top of a tee or sweater and wear with jeans. Check out Balenciaga, Burberry and Versace. They've got the loveliest trenches, and the colours are so rich and vibrant!!
  6. I have been mulling the question of buying a trench coat over in mind as well. I'm thinking I'll get a rain coat to go with my Pucci rain boots -- as we have a lot of rainy weather here. I definately think I'm going to choose a Burberry!
  7. Alice + Olivia Drop Waist Trench -

    Yeah ! Minne what's up with this crazy weather here !?? Anyway I heard snow is on its way :confused1:

    Anyhoo, I love this trench by Alice & Olivia, I think short trenches are sexy :shame:
  8. Thank you everyone!! Yeh Prada its insane!! But i like it warm!! I don't want it to snow!! Its such a hassle!!
  9. yeah its def trench weather here. i want one too. i think mid thigh is good
  10. I love the mara trench!
  11. just did a quick search for trench (on sale) at saks, neimans and bergdorf online. here are the results.

    i personally own ralph lauren and theory trenches and they fit a petite frame well. i also saw a nice one at gucci if you want to spend more.

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  12. If any of you ladies are in the NY area I know the Burbury outlet at Woodybury Commons had trench coats both long and short.
  13. OO:huh:O Kat really??? How are the prices? Thats sounds like its worth a trip there!! HmMMm do you know which ones, can you post pics up cause its actually pretty close 1 hour drive not to bad from new jersey!!
  14. Randr I love theory and theory jackets they fit my frame great!! Where do I find a theory trench??