Trench coat help

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  1. I was wondering if a short or long trench coat would look better on a petite chick (I'm 5'2). If I get a long trench coat, how many inches should I take off the hem (most trenches I try on will fall below my knee)?
  2. Short is ideal. I have two Burberry trenches that are supposed to be short, but hit me just a little above the knee, which I believe is technically 3/4 length. Most short length trenches will probably hit you around 3/4. You can see me in one of my trenches here:

    For reference, I'm 4'11". I wouldn't go any longer if you're petite. If anything, I'd go shorter.
  3. i concur with KellBellCA - i got my burberry trench done custom to hit mid-thigh, which i think is very flattering - i'm 5'0" (^(oo)^)v
  4. WHOA! That trench looks amazing on you!!! I have been wondering if Burberry will do alterations. I mean I know they shorten the sleeves but I wasn't sure if they did anything major. Mine is a little too big everywhere.. except for the length. I bought a Harbourne too and it hits me above the knee. Am thinking of getting Burberry to slim down the torso, sleeves and alter the length of the sleeves. The thing is I purchased it in NYC and I am back in Singapore. Hope it doesn't cost a bomb!!!

  5. And errr yea.. sorry got side tracked.. go shorter OP! hehe
  6. Go with shorter - much more flattering on us petite gals!
  7. Shorter without any doubt!
  8. It seems that the Harbourne is the most popular choice for petite chicks. Does anybody know if it's ever going to go on sale again?
  9. Hi Jaded81! My Burberry boutique (Beverly Hills, CA) took in both my coats. I also have the Harbourne, and I had to get both coats taken in in the torso, as well as having the sleeves shortened...for free!!!

    Not sure if Singapore boutiques will have the same policy, but US stores should take the coat in for you. I have heard of instances where the boutique will protest (because...well...they don't want to have to pay for the more expensive alteration)...but if you hold your ground and firmly insist, they should do it.

    Here is an alteration the Burberry boutique did on a fellow petite girl's coat, just so you can see how much they can do.
  10. Hey there,

    Thanks for the info and the link! The after pics were pretty amazing!! I'm going to head down to Burberry this afternoon and see what they saw. Not too hopeful though.... At times like these I wish I lived in the States! You know, even the Burberry boutique in Zurich charges for alterations! EUR20 just to shorten sleeves!!! Madness!!!

  11. def hem! a couple inches above the knee or shorter is best.

    kellbellca - is 2 the smallest size for burberry trenches? you seem to be a lot more petite than me and i am wondering how much of an extensive alteration you needed to do to slim down the coat..
  12. Hi Caterpillar -
    Yup, size US2 is the smallest. Burberry runs pretty small in general, but I still had to get the torso taken in on my coats. Not too badly though. If you're even a bit bigger than me, they should fit you pretty well. The Ledstone trench is the slimmist I've found so far, with Harbourne as a close second.
  13. I have both lengths and I love my long Burberry trench. I'm 5'2". It hits right below the knees and definitely great for colder weathers.
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    Thanks KellBellCA for posting that link to my page : )

    I agree with the posts here ... def go for the shorter length if you are petite! Like LVPiggy said, mid-thigh is very flattering for a trench. And although sz 2 is the smallest, a lot of their styles run slim (just ask the SA which ones) and the 2 ends up fitting much more like a 0.

    And as for the Harbourne going on sale...never even knew that it does! I was under the impression that it was one of their most classic trenches and that it always stays full price. hmmm