Trench Coat Fit

  1. I bought this trench coat and am not sure if it fits right. I am 5' tall and was wearing a 2 inch heel when I took this pic. I was also only wearing a tank top underneath. Does it look too big on me or is the fit fine?
    trench 2.jpg
  2. Honestly - looks a wee bit too long IMO but depends whether you want it long or not (I have an Aquascutum trench and it ends above the knee - I'm 5ft 4ish). Just wish I was as thin as you though!!
  3. ^Ita.
  4. hey,
    thanks. I do want it a bit long, as with tall boots, it will protect me from the elements properly. It's just that I am not sure if this long of a coat looks good on me. I really don't want to look like a little girl playing grown-up wearing it.
    p.s. what does IMO and Ita mean?
  5. IMO = In my opinion

    ITA = I totally agree
  6. I think the fit is fine but I agree that it's a little too long. I inherited a Burberry trench from my grandmother and had it shortened to just below the knee. I was also worried about looking like I was playing dress-up, I mean a trench is classic but could be easily frumpy. However shortening it made all the difference. I wore it this week and got compliments.
  7. I would definitely shorten it...
  8. Thanks guys. I'll take it to the tailor later this week and see whether they can shorten it a few inches for me. What length is better though? At knees or just above the knees?
  9. I'd go for just above the knee. :tup:
  10. I'm 4'11" and slim, and just above the knee trench coats work great for me.
  11. Also consider shortening the sleeves. I did it with mine & it fit better. I'm 5'1 1/2.

    Body fit for your coat is fine though. First thing I noticed were the bunched up sleeves which made for a not so good fit.
  12. Actually, I don't think it's really that long on you - especially if you try to wear a pair of 3 inch heels instead. Mine fits right at the knee but I always wear heels with mine (and it's a quarter length sleeve instead). However, I think the trench is too wide for you and the width seems overwhelming because you're skinny. I'd go with a bit of a tighter fit because the top part looks like there's too much fabric going on.