Trench coat during winter?

  1. While i am itching to get one soon for winter, i am worried about being over the top :shame:
    what do you ladies think?
  2. Why woud it be over the top?
  3. well.... i am more of a hoodie type of person and e jackets tt i have are not as long as a that of a trench coat so... i was thinking if you ladies do wear one often during winter.
  4. Well I have a raincoat (not exactly trench style but a longer coat type) that I wear mostly when it's rainy in the winter (San Diego, like Tucson doesn't really get cold). I wear mainly to work (office) and get lots of compliments on it. But if I wasn't working and dressed all the time the way I do on weekends, I probably wouldn't get much use out of it.
  5. thanks =)
    i am still looking around, trying to find one gorgeous one that makes me have no excuse not to have it.
  6. Honey, it won't make you look OTT if you wear a trench coat in winter. I lived in London, and almost EVERYONE wore trench coats. It's fantastic unbuttoned or buttoned up and belted up. There's so much you can do with trenches. Go get one!!!
  7. I wore a trench with a liner just last weekend. I wear trench coats all through out the year, in different fabric weight.
  8. yah.. it's depend to the fabric according to the weather...
  9. If you want you could wear your trench over a goes with everything-I always wear a scarf under mine.
  10. thank you everyone!
    a trench coat is gonna follow me home this weekend!
  11. ^^ sounds good! I love trench coats and I wear them with jeans or dress slacks...over sweaters or t-shirts. They are just so classy and timeless but also casual too...what's not to love?
  12. I have a couple of trench coats. One is in a fun pink and brown plaid. It's traditional styling, but off-beat colors.

    My very favorite (of course!) is my Burberry!

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that a trench can be fun or more traditional. You can also personalize with a scarf too.
  13. oooh...I wear my Ben Sherman baby blue trench all the time!! I think trench coats look super posh with skinny jeans and great flats!

    and like Leelee said..they are fun. Mine come with punk buttons already!!
  14. I have a gray trench coat and I just ordered this one from Kohls in dark purple. It was only about $8 after codes! I wear them with jeans and ballet flats or kitten heels. Its a great way to make a casual outfit look more chic!

  15. I had to get on for the OC winter :smile: Having come from Ohio . . . I never had much of a chance to wear them as you NEEDED a down coat in the winter (along with snow boots, gloves, hats, scarves, etc).