**Treillis! (from the Monogramouflage line)

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  1. Hi girls!

    Any idea where I could find a Treillis (from the Monogramouflage line) for my hubby?
    New or Gently used.

    I've tried ebay but no luck. :sad:

    Appreciate your help!
  2. maybe Bonanzle?
  3. maybe reputable seller let-trade? I could swear I saw one recently somewhere... on ebay, rep. seller
  4. thank you!
    Still no luck!
    Pls let me know if you see one!!

  5. Check everything regularly, eBay, Yoogis Closet, Fashionphile, Malleries, Let Trade, one will pop up.
  6. thanks everyone!!
    I'll keep checking these forums.

    Yes but the price is too steep for me!!
  7. that price is too steep for prob everyone. that seller is wacko! maybe make them a reasonable offer & see what happens
  8. Hi there, just wanted to chime in that I don't think the seller is wacko because I am that seller. I am not a regular eBay seller as I have very sporatic sales because I only sell my things when I need the money to fund another "must have". I really have not perfected the right formula for pricing an auction (although I have been hanging out a lot on the eBay forum), but I felt that I needed to price it high to avoid getting rediculous low offers. I do love this item and I am so on the fence about selling it, but everyone has their price in which they will consider letting it go most of the time, and I have mine. I did lower the "BIN" price pretty significantly, and now I am finding I am getting crazy low offers from the same people who bid offered higher before because the think I am desperate. Sometimes I think I need to be less fickle and enjoy the bags I have instead of lusting after new! :yes:
  9. then no, you're not wacko bc you had no expectation of someone buying the bag for that price. I've recently jumped into the eBay cess pool, trying to sell some things in my closet I don't use anymore. actually selling my camo iPhone case which is now I stumbled across the trellis ;) it's a fab bag & hopefully you will get a fair price for it.
  10. Having eBay is handy for when I really want to get something and I really don't have it in my budget. I have always sold to fund new and have done this for so long, but lately it seems harder and more of a hassle to sell. I miss the old days when you held on to your bag until their check cleared! I usually lose a little $ or barely break even (never do it to try to make a profit), but most of the time it is worth it if I really enjoy what I got with the funds. I call it my own Bag, Borrow and Steal :graucho: