1. I've just become familiar with Treesje bags and they are truly wonderful. Have that fabulous silky soft, cool, almost wet feeling leather (like Bulga) or soft silky, almost powdered feeling distressed leather. I've picked up several. The fuschia patent Divino and metallic Asher bags are nothing short of spectacular. Anyway, for those of you who are interested, they have a bunch of bags on sale and if you use CP10 when you check out, you'll get 10% off. Doesn't show up on invoice but the charge to your credit card is 10% less. Website is
  2. I guess only you and I love them. I posted a thread myself about the Treesje asher as well. Lauren COnrad from the Hills wore the black patent with the big zippers! It is sooooo beautiful. Thanks
  3. Thanks, nunnla for posting. I have often admired the softness of Treesje bags. Pictures do not do these bags justice, IMO. I'm not a huge fan of the ruffly styles, but I have to say that Divino is very cute. I ordered the Lincoln -- I like the zippers. With the code it came to $207.
  4. Same, thanks for posting! I was walking around Nordstrom yesterday and I picked up this really cute red bag and I was like...OHH this is so cute! I found out it was a Treesje and I was like :nuts:
  5. I just purchased my first Treesje and am currently waiting on it's arrival. Let me tell you how friggin' excited I am!!! I have wanted one for sometime and hear wonderful things about them. I was craving the gardenia in gray and was unable to locate one. So to satisfy all my cravings, I purchased the gardenia in brick and also purchased a morgan oakley baby ditch in gray! Fabulous bag also! Can't wait to see the new Treesje....which I believe I purchase from nunnla.....who is a wonderful person.
    Happy bag shopping to all my fellow addicts:smile:
  6. i just purchased the treesje luna clutch in metallic--GORGEOUS! how do you guys pronounce the name though? i'd be embarrassed if i said it incorrectly. i think i may be saying it right but want to make sure with you ladies.
  7. I was just looking at treesje bag yesterday and I LOVE the Hudson! They only have it in white at, but they have it yellow at Clutch Seattle!

    So cute!