Treesje..yeah!, but no dust bag???

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  1. Finally hunted down a black patent Treesje Metro clutch and it arrived today. Yeah!!! It is beautiful, big, comfy, great quality and will go with everything.
    No dustbag came with it!! Very surprising for a 350 dollar clutch in my opinion. Is this common for Treesje, or maybe it was the fault of the shop from which it came?
    Anyone purchase a Treesje recently and have (or have not) the same experience?
    I don't want to cause any waves until I know what is typical of this first bag from them.
  2. Treesje bags do come with dust bags. I purchased one from Amazon/ however which did not come with a dust bag. I'm sure it was the fault of Amazon.
  3. I purchased the Asher Satchel from Luna Boston and received a dust bag --
  4. Well I have emailed Luna Boston from which I purchased the bag and have yet to receive a response. I am happy to know that one should have been included. I am sure it was just an oversight and I expect they will ship out a dust bag to me asap.
  5. Mine also came with a dust bag and I purchased it at Nordstrom.:smile:
  6. By the way, I prefer to store my handbags in white pillowcases. I skip the dustbags if they're dark in color. I'm paranoid about the dark dye bleading onto nearby light-colored bags. The one Treesje dustbag I have is dark brown so I don't use it as my Treesje bags are light.
  7. That is great advice! I would never have considered the dust bag to be an issue, but I must say, the white pillowcases would be wonderful. I guess I am just a little "annoyed" that one wasn't included with my purchase. The Metro clutch I ordered is black patent with gold toned hardware so in this case, I would want to keep both the patent and the gold as new as possible..
    I am still awaiting a response from them...kindof odd I think, but only two days have gone by...
  8. LunaBoston promises to get a dustbag from Treesje....great customer service and they told me they are getting another shipment of Treesje very soon, so those of you who love the brand, check them out.....
  9. I think there's just one gal over there who answers their web site e-mail part-time or something. It's sometimes taken me as long as a week to get a response to a question about a bag. But it's a very small company. They are very nice and their customer service is very good.
  10. I think Lunaboston is really top notch for customer service. I wrote them a little while ago and received a response within an hour. I have to say, they really are outstanding!
  11. I love Luna Boston! Great customer service & discount codes!