Treesje spring 2009 preview?

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  1. I love the lilac Larchmont and I must have an Avalon in the green and fuchsia! I wonder if there is a place we can pre-order?
  2. Ohh I love the Parker collection!

    But for now I'll stick with my Ascher :smile:
  3. Thanks for sharing! I think I like the Hendrix collection the best and the light pink mini Avalon looks great! The video was going too fast that I didn't have time to read all the bag names lol.
  4. Thanks for sharing
    the parker collection sure looks yummy
  5. Thanks for the website. I don't have any Treesjes, but I love many of their designs.
  6. Thanks for posting! I just ordered my first Treesje last week (royal Avalon) and I can't wait to get it.

    My favorites for spring 09 are the Brooklyn hobo from the Larchmont collection and the Parker and Marquis styles for the Parker collection. YUM!
  7. I hope the green Avalon comes in the mini size. :woohoo:
  8. YUM! :sweatdrop:

    Parker and Marquis from the Parker Collection


    I love the Brooklyn hobo from the Larchmont Collection.

  9. Oooo love the avalon in red! So cute!
  10. i love the Brooklyn hobo, and i forsee myself getting another Avalon Mini in Stone Shine!!!!
  11. oh GEEEHHH why did I click??? I need geneva and something in brownie x_x

    Royale Collection - Monaco, Geneva and Sebastian in cherry

    Parker Collection - Marquis and Huntley in brownie
  12. I know, seriously are they trying to kill me with these gorgeous colors and designs?????
  13. I still love their Avalon Collection the best! I have that style in 3 different colors!!! It's just so wearable and subtlely chic!