Treesje Popularity?

  1. I'm wondering whether popularity in Treesje has declined in the past years. I've only recently become a bit obsessed with their bags so I don't know what the interest has been but it seems that most of the press & celebrity pics I see are from a while ago. I looked at Facebook's Treesje page and even there is seems that a lot of their photos are old.

    For those of you who have been familiar with Treesje for a while - have you noticed in a change in public interest or has it always been a bit off mainstream? I mean, they're sold in some major stores but to me it seems like they never get the attention that other lines get. :shrugs:

    Just curious. Any thoughts are welcome :welcome:
  2. I have never seen a Treesje bag (other than mine) irl but I've never seen anything around here except Coach, LV, MK twice and Botkier once.

    This subforum is quiet as is Botkier's but I'm thinking that the interest here does not reflect the general buying population's interest kwim?
  3. It is really strange but I notice more Treesje bags in my area, Orange County, California (I got so excited recently to see a lady out to dinner with her family at Soup Plantation carrying a black Renegade hobo that I thought my husband was going to have to turn me in to the police for stalking!) than RM or Botkier but Coach still reigns supreme here too! I see a LOT of LAMB around too!
  4. Treesje is less popular I think in the Northeast since it's a Cali known designer many just haven't heard of the designer. RM is more well known due to it's sample sales in NYC etc. Treesje makes amazing bags and I still get a lot of positive comments on my bags.
  5. I don't know that Treesje has ever been so popular that you could say that now it's declined in popularity. I think they've never hit the mainstream, but I also think that's a good thing in a way.
  6. I live in Los Angeles and I've never seen anyone else with a Treesje. I heard that the Bloomies near me had some Treesje there but when I went to look they had either sold out or my information was wrong because there weren't any on the floor. I do get a lot of questions about the bag when I wear it and now a few people I know are starting to remember the name.
  7. i also think it is a good thing in a way, to quote you... I'm always a bit disappointed-lol- when I see brands that weren't as well known "make it" to the bigger dept stores. The other day I saw Alexander Wang at NM and I wasn't too happy. Treesje was being sold at Nordstrom's at one point (or maybe just for their anniversary sale in 09 or 10 but not sure if they still are. One reason I feel this way is because the reason why I was attracted to RM or Treejse initially was because it was less known but great design and quality nevertheless.
  8. I've never seen one IRL besides my own and I think I'd be just as stalkerish if I did!!

    I'm in MA so maybe that does play into it. The stores around here don't really carry them.

    Thanks everyone for the responses! It was one of those things that made me go "hmmmmm" :biggrin:
  9. There was a period a few years ago when you'd occasionally spot pictures of celebrities carrying Treesje bags. Did they get them from their stylists? Are the stylists paid under the table by manufacturers to get their bags worn and photographed on celebrities? They say that celebrities rarely pay for anything that they wear or carry. Perhaps Treesje has since cut back on the "celebrity campaign."

    I bought my first Treesje bag when I saw one I loved on Since then I've seen them carried by Amazon, Zappos and eBags. Those places didn't carry Treesjes until about three years ago, so I guess they're more common now.

    I've never seen one IRL or at any department store. You do see many more on eBay now than you did a few years ago.

    I've heard that it's extremely difficult to get bags in mainstream dept. stores like Macy's. The stores insist on a very high profit margin that can be difficult for smaller manufacturers to meet.
  10. I've never seen a person carrying a Treesje IRL who I hadn't recommended the bag to! I know lots of my friends have Treesjes, but they all learned about the line from me. I think that people just don't pay as much attention to the smaller lines. And if you aren't a bag person, you aren't going to obsessively stalk a purse until you find the perfect one! Even if you are a bag person, I think it's "easier" to be a Coach fiend or a Kate Spade fan -- their bags are everywhere and are easily accessible!
  11. I got into treesje when I saw one on the street in LA. I posted on this forum to ask if anyone knew what it was and it was a Treesje!

    One of the reasons I love Treesje is that not everybody has it. Their bags are unique and stylish and excellent quality. I think with the economic downturn the fashion industry has taken a big hit. But the fact that they are surviving and coming out with new stuff is a testament to their fan base imo.
  12. the only places I've seen them sold are at two very high end boutiques in the Oklahoma city area. Haven't seen them yet in Houston. My one and only Asher gets a lot of attention when I take her out. I like having a unique bag with great leather!
  13. I think Treesje is experiencing a slight dip in popularity compared to, say, a year ago- maybe they just haven't put quite as much money into marketing or they haven't gotten any really notable celebrity endorsements lately or it could just be the economy. I've been into Treesje for about three years and while I've recently let some of the items in my collection go, there are also some bags I've had for awhile that I think of as 'lifetime' bags- they're beautiful and classic and unique and I intend to keep them indefinitely to use well into my old age :p. I think Treesje certainly has the design integrity and cool factor enough to appeal to a wider market, but for now, I agree with the rest of the ladies who said they kinda like having a bag that not many people are into just yet. My Treesje's are always head-turning compliment getters - not to mention functional, fun and gorgeous- and I just love them!

  14. Couldn't have said it any better ladies. I love brands than have a fine balance between being well known without the entire general population knowing about them. I like to be unique whenever I can!
  15. I actually have seen many celebrities carry Treesje lately. Halle berry is wearing the renegade mini everywhere she in all the press with it. And Sarah Jessica Parker is carrying their bags right now too. Although I don't see many people carrying the bags. But I love that. I get stopped all the time about my renegade in black.