Treesje no longer honour warranty repairs!

  1. I am so upset with how their customer service has been. I had originally sent my marley for them to repair the seal on the handle earlier this summer (apparently this was a known problem) close to a month later I find out they have lost my bag! I was then forced to choose a replacement bag they had available. Finally I received it only to find out that it was a demo bag! There was a tag inside the bag that indicates it was a demo and not for resale. The replacement bag was the Envy handbag. Prior to when they shipped it they reassured me that the handle would not have any problems with the seal. It's been one month now and I already see signs of the seal having problems again. One side is even slightly cracking!

    I emailed Treesje recently regarding repairs for my bag once again, which is still under warranty and was told by their staff that they have been acquired by their parent company and no longer honor warranty. I am greatly disappointed by this and just wanted others to know since, to my knowledge, there hasn't been any public announcement made to anyone about this. 😞