Treesje Monaco...Any experiences?

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  1. Hi I just bought two Treesje Monaco bags. One in black and the other in the Plum patent. The leather on the black of course is much softer than that of the patent but I was wondering if the leather on the patent will soften up over time? I would like to keep the plum because the color is nice but I am leaning more toward the black because it's so much softer... although I just bought another black back just recently...Hayden-Harnett. Has anyone had any experiences on these bags? Please let me know. TIA!
  2. I dont have any experience with the Monaco, but I would like to. This bag is on my list of 'wants'.

    Can you post a few pics?

    LOL...sorry, I guess my post is of no help at all to you.:biggrin:
  3. No worries. I was thinking of actually returning the plum, I mean it's so nice but I might not use it as often as I should. I got them for such a great deal too! I'll post some pictures a bit later.