Treesje jovi lining difference?

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  1. Hi :smile:
    I recently purchased my first Treesje bag, the Jovi in red. I noticed the lining is different in the bags one is kind of silvery striped and the other is black. Is this normal?
    Also I would love to know do you think Avril Lavigne's Treesje Jovi in red would be likely to have the silver or the black lining? Is there a way to tell ? Maybe by the dates the lining changed to when Avril wore the bag?
    Please help!!
  2. Hi there, yep, the lining difference is not out of the ordinary. Treesje previously used the silver bengaline (which has that striped appearance) lining in their bags prior to the release of most of the Fall 2009 bags, but they changed to the current black cotton twill lining after that. This thread should give you more of an idea of the timeline, as it was started when the first bags with the new lining were being released:

    All Fall 2009 bags (and bags from subsequent seasons) have the black cotton twill lining, except for the first batch of Fall '09 bags that was released before July. This first batch of Fall '09 bags has the older silver bengaline lining, and the bags that were released in the first batch include the regular and studded Metro collections (Asher, Mini Asher, Tristan, etc) and the Stone collection (Marley, Turner, Jovi etc).

    The Red Jovi was one of the Fall '09 colours. Since the Fall '09 Jovis were amongst the first batch of Fall '09 bags to be released, it should therefore come with the silver bengaline lining. However, if I'm not mistaken, Treesje did a second production run of some of the Fall '09 colours of the Jovi (e.g. Turquoise, Black) in late 2009 or so, and the second production run has got the black cotton twill lining. I don't know whether Treesje produced all the original Fall '09 colours of the Jovi in their second production run, though, so I'm not certain whether the Red Jovi was also part of the second production run and therefore whether some Red Jovis would have the black cotton twill lining as well. What lining does your Red Jovi have?

    As for your Avril Lavigne question, it depends on when those pics were taken! I'd say anything from August (maybe September) '09 and before would likely be the first run Jovi, and therefore would have the silver bengaline lining. Anything closer to end '09 or so, and it could be from the second production run of the Jovis, and therefore would have the black cotton twill lining. (And if the Red Jovi wasn't produced in the second production run, that also simplifies things! ;))

    HTH! I'm a Jovi owner too, so I hope you're enjoying yours!
  3. hi :smile: wow thank you for such a detailed and helpful response , i wasn't expecting that ! sorry i didn't explain properly the reason I asked was because I actually have 2 of the jovi in red and they both have different lining , one has the silver lining and one has the black lining. the pictures of avril are from september
    i wish i could see inside her bag lol !
    this is my first treejse and im trying to decide which one to keep at the moment as both linings are nice, im leaning more toward the silver lining but not sure , i'll check out the link you posted and see what people think of the difference in lining .... thank you i really appreciate the time you took to answer all my questions :smile:
  4. No problem! :flowers: Ahh, I see, thanks for explaining about your Jovis! I really can't be certain about the timing of when the second production run of Jovis (with the black lining) was done, though. September probably means there's a good chance that Jovi has the silver lining, but if you want to know for sure, perhaps you could try contacting Treesje via their website to check when the second production run of Jovis was made. (They're usually pretty responsive, even to random questions like that!)

    Personally, I do prefer the silver bengaline lining, as a lighter lining is always easier for seeing inside a bag (not that that's much of an issue for a bag as small as the Jovi!), and I prefer the look and feel of the silver bengaline too, as compared to the plainer black lining. The silver bengaline also inherently feels like it would be easier to clean than the black cotton twill, so even though the silver bengaline is softer and therefore tends to sit looser in a bag, my personal vote is for the silver bengaline.

    Oh, do you mind answering a random question, since you have both the first run and second run Jovis with you? Is there any difference in the rings on the bag (that the shoulder strap attaches to)? I'm just a little curious because based on pics, the new ones seem to be thinner (and may not be solid and seamless, the way the rings on the first run Jovis are), but I haven't seen any new Jovis in person to confirm this. It would be great if you could tell me whether there are any differences! :smile: Thanks!
  5. Hi :smile:
    I'm going to have a look later today and compare for you, I'll check for thickness and size in all things and where the logos are on them and stitching. This is the first time i've done this so i'm no proffesional, I could always post photos of it if that's possible? The only difference I noticed myself was that the Treesje gold metal logo inside the bags are different sizes ... one is a fatter rectangle . Oh also strangely the dustbags are different , they appear the same but the one for the silver lined jovi was alot smaller. Also the pocket inside the Jovi with the silver lining sags, i dont know how else to describe it , whereas the black lining seems stiffer i'd say and the pocket doesnt sag at all ... the silver lining feels really loose . I'm not sure which lining I prefer as they'd both have their pros and cons.
    Here is a photo where i think, not sure but it looks like avril's lining is silver ... what do you think ? its the best view of the lining i can find
    I'm hoping IF there are any differences maybe I can compare the differences to Avril's bag.
    This is actually my first ever "designer" bag , I have only recently become very interested in bags. Infact I'm looking at them all the time now, my next purchase I'm looking at a Rebecca Minkoff :smile: I have to say the Treesje bags are amazing, the designs really make me go wow! I love the Jovi and would recommend it to anyone , I also like it in the other colours especially the turquoise. I'm now trying to learn how to care for my bags by going through this forum ... actually it's photos I saw here in these forums which really made me feel the need to purchase a Treesje bag !
  6. i just had another look at the bags and i noticed some small differences.
    This is going to be difficult for me to explain but i'll give it a go. Firstly the easy to explain stuff is that the silver lined bag has very slightly thicker metal rings and the gold tone is darker on the silver lined bag again only slightly (.. the rings that you would attach the metal clasps to (they would be the ones that stay with the bag when you turn it into a clutch) )
    Also this is a weird thing to notice but if you look here at avril's bag where the leather long strap attaches to a little gold tone ring with a raised button shaped bit of metal (i dont know how else to describe it) there is a significant gap between the raised button shaped and the leather which wraps around the ring .. you can see through the gap to avril ...on one of the bags there is no gap, the leather is wrapped so it touchers that metal button shape .. heres the pic of avril's , i dont know if you will have any idea what im on about
    Also on the metal clasp , the part which opens so you can hook it on to the ring ... there is a circle where it looks like a screw /joint would be put one of the bags has a raised/sealed screw/joint its only slight but still noticeable , one on each end of the strap on the clasp but only on one side of each end. the other bag has no raised /sealed screw/joint
    i have no idea if any of this will mean anything at all, i hope it helps a little :smile:
  7. Thanks for checking your Jovis! :biggrin: Yup, it's the rings on the bag that you attach the clasps of the shoulder strap to that I was referring to. Does one of the Jovis have rings like this?

    As for the lining differences, yeah, that's one thing about the silver bengaline lining like I mentioned, it's softer and therefore tends to feel looser in the bag, i.e. prone to moving around, bunching up, etc, whereas the black cotton twill lining is thicker and stiffer and doesn't do this as much. There are definitely pros and cons to the two linings. It really depends on your own preferences! Re: the pic you linked, it does look like there's a bit of silver lining peeking out, but if you're looking to choose between the two Jovis you currently have, I'd probably pick it on the basis of which one you prefer, particularly re: the lining. :smile:
  8. yes both jovis look eaxtly the same as that picture but in gold tone, and you see the black looking little circle on the clasp? that little circle is filled in on one of the jovis but not on the other, its noticeable if you look but not something that really stands out or anything.
    i prefer the look and feel of the silver lining, as its a small bag it wont really affect whatever i put in it mixing around as i probably wouldnt put much in it .... i think in a bigger bag the looseness of it might be annoying but ive never held any other treesje bag so cant realy judge yet
    but that picture is definitly identical to mine so it looks , the shapes and sizes look the same
    is that a picture of your jovi? if not which colour do you have and which lining do you have? if you dont mind me asking ... also have you had any problems with the bag at all. so far it seems perfect to me ! i absolutely love it .
    you dont have any idea of what type of leather it is do you or how to protect it/care for it best?
    thank you :smile:
  9. Yep, that's my Jovi! :smile: It's in Grey with silver lining. I haven't had any issues with the bag itself, though tejava did just post about the studs on hers (Chrome). :sad:

    I think Treesje only uses lambskins (at least, that's been my impression so far!), so this should be no exception. If your Red leather is anything like my Grey leather, though (i.e. very soft, buttery and matte), it would definitely be a good idea to protect it with a leather protectant spray like Apple Garde Rain & Stain Repellant, Wilsons TLC (or something like that), or one of the Lovin My Bags products for waterproofing/protecting a bag. (The LMB one might be a cream instead, I'm not certain.) I have had a water stain get on my bag from a giant drop of rain which hasn't entirely gone away (I also didn't protect the bag :sad:), but because the Grey leather is so distressed-looking and varied, it blends in enough that you don't really notice it unless you know it's there. For a more uniform-looking leather, though, such a water mark may be more noticeable. It'd definitely be a good idea to spray your bag if it's more matte, IMHO.
  10. thanks for all the advice , im really new to bags and have no idea of the difference between soft and harder leather, it does feel very nice and soft though
    your jovi is a gorgeous colour btw , i really love it in quite a few colours , treesje have such amazing bags :smile:
    i just need to learn to treat mine right and not ruin it
  11. Hi everyone, not certain what to buy in a jovi though really love the look of them. Mainly have dark purple clothing or black , and so am on lookout for a grey or maybe the new turquoise one. Does anyone have any suggestions about what they think would be best :smile: Thanks heaps