Treesje Jovi in PURPLE & ELECTRIC BLUE preorder

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  1. I love the Jovi ever since it came out. I still remember the 1st one I saw was on Revolve Clothing. I think it is a perfect clutch with right among of stud. Trendy but not overwhelming. The fact that many celebrities wear this bag kind of confirm it is THE bag.
    The electric blue is really pretty, but I am not too sure about the purple. It's a little bright for me. Although I read many girls here seem to like that color. AA has these in stock. The pictures of the electric blue are really pretty:
  2. I like the electric blue!
  3. Do you work for Aster Alice?
  4. No... why do you think so?
  5. Just wondering! You talk about that website a lot so I figured I would ask :smile:
  6. ok.. I guess I do.. but I also talk about other websites too? FLL & SDO are two other stores I mentioned a lot as well. The store that I dislike, I don't talk about. Also if you check my pm box, you will see a pm sent to me from another store thanking me for mentioning about them here?

    To be honest I did get free gift with purchase from some of the stores I mentioned (because I give them a lot of business), and personal thank you emails. I don't know it that makes it against the rule to talk about stores.
    Anyway, if that is bad, I will stop talking about stores.
  7. Both colors are awsome for the Jovi!
  8. Ivy...I talk about Aster Alice all the time too....I think they are GREAT!!
  9. I love Aster Alice! They are fantastic! :heart: