Treesje Help Needed!

  1. The leather is thick and yummy. I think Treesje is a great company. Completely underrated. You should go check out more of their items at They have some stuff on sale too. Good luck! :yes:
  2. i know that they also have some treesje in new york at a place called:'re helpful if you talk to them and they have treesje bags...hope this helps!
  3. I had a Tressje bag that I bought at Nordstroms a while ago - I ended up taking it back because I found another bag I liked better. But the bag itself was gorgeous. It was a washed leather bag so it was multi-tonal and the leather was butter soft. Not really thick, a little lighter weight, but extremely "squishy" (the leather, not the bag - the bag was definitely a structured style). The lining was pretty nice as were the details. I told the SA that if that bag goes on sale (it was full price) to call me right away. If I hadn't been on such a "bag binge" I would have kept it - but having found a few other bags I wanted more, I had to take it back.

    The bag you linked to looks like it's got a glossier finish to it - And it looks like it might be a little thicker. I don't care for the styles w/all the ruffles, but there are others (like the one I had) that don't come w/all that fringe.

    These are pics of the bag I bought - the 2nd one is the lining (of course!), and the 3rd one might give you a good idea of what the leather was like.
    1.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG
  4. Thanks all! I'm going to sleep on it. If only it weren't "all sales final".