Treesje! Help me pick a colour!

Treesje Garden bag: Which colour would you pick?

  • Gray

  • Wet Olive

  • Another colour

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Jul 30, 2006
So I've decided to get a Treesje Garden bag and now I'm agonizing over colour. The colours available are Bone, Camel, Vanilla, Chocolate, Gray, Wet Olive, and Coffee. I'm trying to avoid light colours and I do have a lot of brown bags so it's come down to two choices - each of which, I'm not sure how representative the colour really is in these pics. Anyone with thoughts on the bag in general, or good arguments for any of the other colours, please feel free to share. :yes:


Garden Gray1.jpg

(The above is a pic of the larger Garden style, but I'm hoping this colour is representative of the smaller style as well.

Then there's "Wet Olive":


Which one do you like better girls? If anyone has any pictures of either of these colours, could you please share? I'm worried that the gray will be too dull and blah. And the "wet olive" is too brown and also "blah."

Gray is quite a hot colour right now. Do I dare? I'm worried it will be one of those horridly stark industrial grays. SO hard to tell from a picture! The wet olive looks mossy and rich, but it looks more brown than anything. I'm torn. HELP! :rolleyes:
I like the grey one (the olive color doesn't look right in that style) - don't you just luv these bags? I posted about them a few weeks ago after I bought one in the Butter color - it was a yellow-ish, ivory color that was actually multi-tonal. I love the antique look of the bag - which is esp apparent on the backside, and the leather - UGH! TDF! The lining isn't that bad either. My only complaint is about the way the leather is cut at the pockets. I don't like how it look - and the pocket inside is a little weird looking.

Overall, I luv these bags, and look forward to seeing what they come out with in the future!

p.s. where are you getting your bag from?


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I love the gray! (is it gray or grey- I never know- hah). This is the color I am currently obsessed with getting...I love it since it will go with both black & brown!!! I would also like to know where you are getting it from...?