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  1. I'm new to this site, so any input would help... can anyone tell me how to authenticate Treesje Handbags? Also, I'm having a hard time deciding... Treesje Lotus-wood color, but i would be getting the chocolate (left) or the Gardenia (right)-the right one i'd be getting the nocella color (which is like a medium brown-very pretty)... also, if anyone else has any input on bags that are brown that are stylish and cute (like on "The Hills"-Lauren Conrad for instance) that are $400 or less would be great... Thanks! :yahoo:

  2. Where are you buying the bags from? I don't think Treesje is faked because it's not a well-known designer, but you never know.

    The bags like the Lotus with the big brass rings holding the straps have a large "Treesje" embossed in one of the rings. Or at least my Treesje does.

    All the zipper pulls are large brass rectangles with "Treesje" on them.

    And there's a brass placard with "Treesje" inside on the pocket.

    The "denim" colored purse in your pictures is a Garden Grande not a Gardenia. I have both a Gardenia and a Garden Grande (love 'em, though the Grande is *very* big) and I can look in my bags for any identifying marks if you like.
  3. I just looked at my Garden Grande and the inside zipper pull does not have the big brass Treesje. The outside one does though.
  4. Thanks for replying BigPurse Sue... I'm really interested in the Garden Grande that is what I meant... :smile: How big would you say it is? I've seen the dimensions, but it might be different when you actually have the real thing... I mean I :heart: purses, but I don't want it to big where it over takes the size of myself.. :yahoo:
  5. My Garden Grande is 16" wide, 11" high and 5 1/2" wide across the bottom. The top is 3" wide.

    It's too big for an everyday purse for me, although if you're a student who carts a lot of things around or you go to an office job it would be fine. I'd say that I could easily fit a couple library books and a lunch in it. Or a couple books and an extra sweater.

    For me that's a going-downtown-with-a-lot-of-stuff purse. Or a going-to-grandma's purse. But not a going-grocery-shopping-night-on-the-town-running-errands purse. If that makes sense.
  6. Yeah for sure! Thanks for your reply back, I appreciate it! Happy New Year!
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