Treesje Exclusive at Aster Alice - Vote now!!

  1. P.S. The options, BTW, are amongst:

    - Asher, Mini Asher and Magnolia for the style
    - Red, Grey, Electric Blue, Viola and Cognac for the leather
    - gold and gunmetal for the hardware

    I had a tough time choosing my two designs... :push:
  2. I had a tough time too. I picked one, then went and changed it.,
  3. I just voted! I picked 2 different leather colors because I couldn't decide. They're all so pretty! But I chose gunmetal hardware for both. :biggrin:
  4. Thanks girl!! That's so cool, I just cast my vote..

    My vote was for a Cognac magnolia with Gold hardware. I absolutely love the warm color of cognac against gold hw.. I am sure I'll be out voted since so many people love EB and Gunmetal but that's ok.. I think it will be a stunner no matter what it turns out to be :tup:
  5. Well I voted Cognac Asher with gold hardware - I too love the gold with the brown, GORGEOUS!

  6. Thanks for sharing. I voted for the red asher with gunmetal hardware. (Eventhough I already have the cherry monaco)...I have it bad for red. :graucho:
  7. Voted! :tup:
  8. No Mini Magnolia :sad: I would love one in red with gunmetal.
  9. ^ Yeah, I had a feeling that the Mini Magnolia might be staying as an LB exclusive for a bit... :s
  10. Put two votes in!! I really, really like the EB with gold hardware so I did one for asher and one for magnolia... would love to asee an EB magnolia with gold!
  11. ^ LOL, I already did! Heh, even with two votes, though, I still had a tough time choosing... I ended up going Asher both times, EB/gunmetal and Grey/gunmetal. (Yeah, I still ache at having missed out on the solitary Grey Asher from Fall '09 that seems to have been produced!)

    EB in a Magnolia would be very interesting to see, though! See, told you I had a tough time deciding... :p
  12. The results are out! :nuts:

    Crud, not sure I can justify going for either, but I'd love to see how they look!
  13. That Asher is the one I've been dreaming of!!! :nuts: Any idea how long till they're released? Must start saving. I think this will now be my first Treesje. :drool:
  14. I am so excited. I have been dreaming of a grey Magnolia. I wonder how long it will be before they are released.