Treesje Charlie - but what color???


Oct 31, 2008
OMG, just love this bag! But what color??? Oceano? Cafe? Toffee? Bordeaux?

I just bought myself a black Botkier Venice Hobo so definitely want something in a different color... Can anyone tell me how blue the Oceano is? Is it nearly black or is it obviously blue? I love the look of this bag in Cafe and Toffee, and I don't have any brown/tan bags...Bordeaux is nice too...but I'm a sucker for a blue bag...

Link to bag in different colors:


Sep 20, 2007
Hey there...I know ya from the engagement ring forums...your ring is a STUNNER!! :smile:

Now as to what color you should get..I say black!! It's classy with those studs! Oceano is like for recent threads on oceano bags, magnolias especially and u'll see how blue it is. It's not bright but its definitely more on the navy side from what Ive seen.


Jan 18, 2009
Oceano seems to be very much on the dark navy side of blue, so if you want something that screams blue, another colour might be better. I think the Charlie looks best in Oceano, Bordeaux or Cafe, though! Either that, or Timoro... (Haha, sorry, I realise this doesn't really rule out many options for you. :P I do think Toffee looks better in a slouchier style like the Dylan or Knox though. I'm not as fond of the Charlie in Toffee.) If a dark navy type of colour works for you, go for Oceano! You seem to be leaning in that direction, and it's usually best to go for the one that really grabs you.

(Besides, I think the Venice Hobo is different enough from the Charlie that you could easily justify both, if the colours do end up looking too similar or something... ;))


Apr 21, 2007
Since there is quite a bit of folds/loose pleats in the leather a smooth textured leather would look best with this style, IMO. I have a Magnolia in Oceano and the wrinkly leather texture suits the Mag. style well, but it might not look as nice on a Charlie. I have a Charlie in Cafe which I absolutely adore. If I could do it all over again, I'd still get Charlie in Cafe hands-down no, no regrets, with Black and Timoro being close second choices. There's lots of pictures of both colors in the reference library.

Do you like gold tone or gunmetal hardware? Hardware preference might help narrow down the colors.
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