Treesje bags? Your thoughts on these 2...

  1. Anyone familiar with Treesje bags? I was wondering how the quality is. Also, can I get opinions on these 2 bags. Which one do you like the best or neither one? Thanks gals!
    15023-MagnifySize-Front.jpg 15023-MagnifySize-Angle.jpg Garden_Brn_L.jpg Garden_Brn_L2300.jpg
  2. the second one looks kinda cute...but neither are for me...
  3. I :heart: the second one!
  4. Thanks girls.. I was leaning toward the second one too. The first one is almost sold out though so I guess others are really digging it. I think the combo of the chains w/ ruffled edges is kinda cool. Girly but edgy. I am just hopeful that the leather would be good quality. I think that's the only way this bag would work.
  5. Sorry, but neither purse suits my personal style, but if I had to choose I would pick the 2nd!
  6. i've seen a few treesje bags in person and the leather is really nice. it's soft but supple - medium thickness. i don't own one but they looked like they would hold up well.
  7. 2nd bag
  8. I like the second one, kind of reminds me of Bulga
  9. I actually LOVE the second one- what's the price range for these bags?
  10. Definitely the second one...I really like the color and the leather!
  11. I just ordered the 2nd one. I'll post pics if any of you are interested. They run in the $300-$400 range. I had a coupon & got almost $100 off which is a huge plus. Thanks for helping me out everyone:smile:
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