Treesje Avalon Grande...would you use it for a daytrip bag?


Aug 20, 2008
Hey guys and gals,

I am usually in Prada and YSL, but saw this bag, and think tha tthe Avalon is very pretty. I actually love it in the Champagne, the Coal, and the Black Patent....

Is this bag heavy? Would you use it to throw a laptop and some files to jump on a plane to meet with some clients for a quick day trip, or will it kill my shoulders? I use a rolling computer laptop usually, but sometimes those can be bulky, so just curious what your thoughts were.

What color do you all recommend? I saw some transfer issues with the Champagne....but OMG it is SOO freaking beautiful in that color. Then there is the black patent and the coal color that has a slight shimmer....

Your input would help greatly....TIA!


Jun 30, 2008
I don't have an Avalon yet, but according to what I hear from other Treesje girls, Avalon tends to be lightweight compared to other Treesje bags, and it fits a lot,too. Are you considering the normal size, or the Grande?


Oct 22, 2006
the avalon is very lightweight and wonderfully smooshy, it totally just puddles without any break in. That said I think the leather is a bit thin and I don't believe it's structured enough to hold a laptop unless you have a well padded sleeve (sharp corners + thin leather = ouch!) It's definitely a very roomy bag.

I'm not sure if some girls have been using it for class, maybe wait to hear their input?