Treesje Asher... Which color out of these two?

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Which color should I get?

  1. Plum Asher with gunmetal HW

  2. Magenta/Fuschia Asher... its Hot

  3. Another color... I dont care for either

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  1. HI,
    Need your vote because, I cant have both right now :crybaby:.
    DH is going to get me a Treesje Asher for my
    V-DAY pressie but I am torn between the Plum and Fuschia... Pink and Purple are my favorite colors.
    I like that the Plum has gunmetal HW but then I look at the Fuschia and I am like :drool: as well.
    I decided to turn to you guys for help, PLEASE!!!
    Thanks :smile:
  2. I voted plum because it's got the purpley pink thing going on! Probably would be more versatile!
  3. Plum.
  4. I have the Asher in Plum, and it's absolutely gorgeous! Definitely the plum...
  5. Magenta!
  6. Do you have pics? I've only seen the bag in person in silver, and it was awesome. I am a purple girl myself, but some bags are better in magenta. But I would want to look.

  7. HI, Could you PLEASE pretty PLEASE post a photo of it... PLEASE!!! :smile:
  8. HI,
    Sorry I do not but if you type in Treesje Asher in the website search bar then you can view different colors.
  9. I voted for magenta - I saw it at Saks and it's AMAZING!

  10. May I ask which Saks you were at? Thanks :smile:
  11. I vote plum! hott bag!!
  12. I've been wanting both of them myself, so I'm no help. I just can't decide which one to buy first!
  13. My sister has this bag in plum and with the dark gunmetal hardware, it is GORGEOUS!!!! I have never seen the magenta IRL, but the style of the bag is such that I don't think you could go wrong with whatever color you choose.
    It's a fabulous style in a super-soft leather and a perfect size for daily use.
    I love it!