Treesje Asher Satchel in Blue

  1. Thoughts on this Treesje Asher satchel? I love the color - very springy. Thank you.


  2. oooooo very to where you found it, please?
  3. Love it-great bag! :rolleyes:
  4. Gorgeous bag! I love the "pleating" on the front and woven handles.
  5. LOOOOOVE the color! i don't like the style so much in the patent versions i'd seen up to now, but this blue is gorgeous!
  6. I love it. I just went looking for a bag in bright blue and ended up with three!
  7. I love it!
  8. The blue is beautiful! The other colors don't seem to accentute the beautiful pleats as well as the blue IMO. It screams SPRING! Nice choice!
  9. reminds me too much of a chloe or rebecca minkoff
  10. i agree with many of the indie designers all remind me of each other.
  11. Hmm - this one doesn't remind me of RM at all, except that it's a satchel shape - which she uses with her MA design. But RM's bags are so much simpler - this one has braided handles and pleating and zippers!

    I find the indie designers to offer much more unique pieces in general - such as Hayden Harnett with their incredible use of fabric prints. Treesje's ruffled bags are also unlike any i've seen in other collections.

  12. The shape, the handles, the long strap, and the front pocket--all looks like it was plagiarized from Balenciaga.
  13. that bag is fantastic!! i love it!!