Treesje Asher Grande or Foley+Corinna L-Train?

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  1. Can anyone recommend which of these two is better quality?
  2. imho, most likely Treesje.
  3. ^Agreed. I have ordered and returned 2 F + Cs so far -- the bags never seem quite that "finished," IYKWIM, esp. for the price. The Treesjes are wonderful bags, from all accounts.
  4. i've never had a F+C bag, but from what i've read, the leather is really thin? i have two treesje bags and can vouch that the quality of the leather is to-die-for! i have the regular asher; the leather is thick and structured. also have the avalon mini, leather is smooshy/puddles beautifully!
  5. Treesje quality is far superior to F+C IMO... you get a lot more bag for your buck in terms of leather quality and hardware.
  6. I love the Asher-the leather is super buttery. Just be aware that the Asher grande is VERY large-the regular satchel isn't huge but I find it fits everything I need.
  7. I own an Asher in the normal size and a F+C City Bag and I prefer the Treesje more; better quality and great leather.

    I agree with megangm though. If you're using the Asher as an every day bag, I would get it in the medium size; the grande is fairly large.
  8. I have to go with Treesje:tup:. I have both a F&C and Treesje bags and I love them both but my Tressje bags take the cake.
  9. Thank you all, this is so helpful. Treesje it is!