Treats to Myself: 3 Goodies (but will they stay or will they go?!)

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  1. #1 Jul 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2009
    *(For some reason, I couldn't insert any of my images, hence all the edits!)

    Hi MJ Lovers! I took a bit of a break from making any purchases, but found some pretty good sales in the past week and thought I would share with you all.

    1st purchase: MJ Downtown Susan Satchel in Nude
    Honestly, I think this looked better online from Saks. IRL the leather is a bit too shiny for my tastes (I was previously familiar with Downtown leather, but it doesn't translate in Nude as well as with darker colors IMO). I do actually like the nickel hardware. I think with gold hardware this would have been too flashy. I got the Susan for a pretty good price, but will probably end up exchanging it for something else... maybe :smile:

    2nd purchase: MJ Mercer Flat Messenger in Blue
    The leather on this is really light and soft, and the color is a fantastic bright cobalt blue. Unfortunately, the description from Saks was incorrect in terms of the handle drop. I thought this would be a true messenger/crossbody since the drop was listed at 17", but in actuality it is only about a 10" drop. It's definitely cute as shoulder bag, but I'm still trying to think of ways to lengthen the strap. Then it'd be a perfect city bag!

    3rd purchase: MbMJ Percy Mini Bag in Red
    I have to admit, I grow more impressed with the MbMJ line by the season. Though this little bag does have a junior appeal, it proves itself by being functional (for my needs), and is definitely a bag I can imagine running through the city streets at night with since it works best on me as a crossbody (with a 23" drop). The leather has a nicely pebbled, slightly matte texture, and star-patterned cotton twill interior. Perfect for holding the necessities: a key pouch, keys and phone!

    Thanks for looking :smile: Feel free to let me know what you think!

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  2. wow both the blue of the mercer and the red of the percy are so intense, you have to keep those!
  3. Its a red, nude and blue party! I say keep what really works for you! They are all great in different ways. Let us know what you decide!
  4. i really like all three!!

    but if i had to let one go, i'd let go of the red mini bag. it's too small to be practical (for me of course - i cart around so much stuff!).
    what's your gut telling you to do?
  5. it sounds like you don't really love the susan, so you should definitely return it. the blue is so pretty and you sound really excited about the red, so you should keep both. thanks for posting pics and congrats!
  6. i like all 3!!! I am of no help
  7. It sounds like the red is a keeper for sure, and I just love that Mercer blue so I'd find a way to make that work as well. The Susan sounds like it should go back as I don't get the feeling you like it all that much. The red and blue stand out to me!
  8. Thanks for all your input and comments :smile:

    I think I will be returning the Susan and keeping the Mercer and Percy (it was only $80!). It's kind of a shame because I really do love the shape of the Susan satchel, just not the texture of the leather. I wonder if I'd be able to exchange it for something similar? Probably not at this point!

    If anyone needs more photos, I'll be happy to take some more as I know I had searched for a point of reference before making a purchase and couldn't find any non-store photos on the forum. Let me know. Thanks again ladies! :smile:
  9. I'm glad you're keeping the blue and red ones! I'm sure you'll find another susan with better texture :smile:
  10. can i get a modeling of the mercer blue one? its gorgeus! wouldnt mind one of the percy either!
  11. Beautiful! Keep them all.
  12. glad to see you are keeping the mercer blue, that color is sooo pretty! i like the percy, too. congrats!!