Treats from Koh Samui in London

  1. I took these pictures on Monday at Koh Samui, one of my favorite London boutiques. They are style-color combinations I had never seen:

    Vert Gazon Matelasse
    Aqua Matelasse
    Vert d'eau Brief

    and the Aqua city, which is awfully cute.

    Beautiful! Enjoy!
    Image(261).jpg Image(262).jpg Image(263).jpg Image(264).jpg
  2. Thanks pointie, that was really interesting! great Bbags:drool:
  3. Good job pointie ;) :yahoo: !! Thank you very much for sharing :flowers: :love:
  4. wow, thanks for the pics, i like that vert d'eau brief
  5. what colro is the first 2 bags?

    Thanks for the photos!
  6. The Matelasse bags are lovely in the pics. Those that have them, how are they to carry, how are the on wear, etc?
  7. Thanks for the pics, i've never seen a Vert Gazon Matelasse before. it's cute.
  8. Wow...the Vert D'eau Brief in RH is a first for me!! Nice...thank you!
  9. OH MY GOD :drool: ... OH MY GOD :heart: ... OH MY GOD :wtf: !!!!

    I just called Bal-NYC yesterday and there was NO MENTION of the Matelasse in either the Aqua or Vert Gazon colors ... WTF?!?!?!?

    Pointie, where both of these the SMALL/MEDIUM size or the GRANDE (big-Mammma-jamma)?????
  10. :heart: such beauties! love em all! thanks for sharing!
  11. OMG, VG Matelasse!!!! Total eye candy, thanks for the pics!!
  12. NM SF has those in the store.
  13. great selection - I like that brief in that colour.
  14. meant to say its good to at least have some selection in the UK
  15. Really "tettetsf"??? Do you remember if they were in the SMALL/MEDIUM or LARGE/GRANDE size??

    Heck ... I'll call N/M right now; I STILL haven't gotten my Birthday present from the H/B!!