Treatments for atrophic/depressed scars? Derma rolling

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have some atrophic scarring near my eyes, and i really want to get rid of it. Its actually been there for 10 yrs now, and ive always sort of covered it with make up.

    I've tried Mederma, Kelo-cote, Bio oil, vitamin E oil, but none of it worked, mostly because its meant for hypertrophic/keloid scars.

    Now ive read about derma rolling, and i have tried that too, but it seems that it makes my skin 'over heal' , the skin near my eyes have become thicker, but the scar itself didnt change much. Ive rolled it for 10+ times.

    Does anyone have any advice?? Im sort of at a lost here. And im in a european country where dermatologists have never heard of derma rolling..
  2. I've tried dermarolling on my stretch marks and facial scars caused by acne. It works, but you just have to be patient with it. Skin takes a looong time to produce collagen to fill out those depressed areas.
  3. Did you buy an at-home dermaroller? I would love to use this on my stretchmarks but I have too many to go to a spa regularly!
  4. Would help with the red light? It would be the LUXE product device.
  5. i wouldnt derma roll, if you already keloid scar (over healing) basically the skin gets raised when its healing it could happen to that area near your eyes..
  6. Yes, I did. I have like a lot stretchmarks too, my whole stomach is covered with them! I also cannot afford to go to a spa to have them treated. They're just too many! The dermaroller has improved the appearance of my scars but has never completely removed them. Maybe I should try using copper peptide serum or something as I only use Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil after rolling. I suggest you get yourself a DIY roller kit before you try getting your stretchmarks treated by a professional. Good luck!
  7. Thanks! I ordered one. Even a small reduction in the appearance would be great, so I'm hopeful!
  8. Can these be bought in any stores or only online?

    There seems to be so many different brands, with various prices.
    Dr. Roller seems to be the original brand and is more expensive. Do the cheaper brands work just as well?

    What brand do you recommend?
  9. awesome! good luck! take pictures so you'll see the progress. :smile:
  10. What brand(s) and size do you recommend?