Treatment/polish to grow and strengthen nails?

  1. Ugh. I hate it when all my nails are manicured and one length...and then nail breaks, then another, and another. So, now my left hand looks fab, but my right hand looks ugh! I'd hate to cut them all down to match, so is there anything I can do to speed up the growth and keep them strong and hard? Thanks.
  2. Great question, I'm eager to find an answer too!
  3. For soft, peeling nails that break easily, I recommend Nail Tek II (Intensive Therapy) and use it once a week; also I use Solar Oil around the cuticles when using the NailTek II - for dryness. HTH
  4. Have been using Nail Tek Xtra -- has helped my nails quite a bit.

    Have read good things about OPI Nail Envy on MUA but haven't tried it.
  5. Nail Envy is great!!! It has made such a difference in my nails.
  6. I like Nail Tek and the price is right, but Nailtique is DA BOMB! It costs $20 a bottle, but I find it to be worth it.

    There is supposed to be a product by Sally Hansen, that is good as well can't remember the name. I haven't tried it though, just others have recommended it.
  7. Nail Tek and Nailtique are the nail products of a divorced couple (one in the same). Notice the similar color design and packaging. ;)
  8. That's too funny! I have to admit though that Nailtique works better for me that NailTek. I did notice the similarity in color and packaging but figured one was copycating the other as a knockoff, because I found NailTek at a much lower price than Nailtique. Maybe the Nailtique working better is all psychological since it costs more! (for me!)
  9. Nailtique # 2!
  10. Talika has a nail supplement that you rub on and the stuff is the bomb! It's made of various vegetal oils.
  11. The best product I've ever found is Maximum Growth by Sally Hansen.
  12. i swear by Witchcraft nail really well!
  13. I :heart: Nail Teck, but have not purchased it recently. I have been using the Maximum Growth by Sally Hansen because I can find it everywhere!
  14. I like Nailtiques.
  15. hmm.. i just picked up a bottle of nutral nail magic growth.. im trying it now for a few days.. i wonder if it'll work. anyone else know if this brand works? i picked it up at ULTA.