Treatment on Linea Pelle?

  1. Does anyone treat their LP's? Apple Guard, wilson's...etc?? :confused1:
  2. I have an LP midnight Dylan Bowler, and when I got it a few months ago I was so worried about how soft the leather is. I kept saying "I have to treat this with something...".
    Well, I never treated it, and it has been out in the rain and thrown around my car and it is an amazing bag with strong leather that holds up well. The color of my bag is very dark, but so far I can see no staining or water marks or anything. If the leather was a lighter color I would probably treat it.
    Apple guard (You can buy it on the internet; just do a google search) is what I have used to protect and waterproof all of my other leather bags.
    Good luck!
  3. Thank you. :flowers:

    I haven't gotten one yet....but I am planning ahead. :p I am looking at the light to medium browns...

    I have apple guard. :tup:
  4. I have a few LP bags and I actually called customer service to ask about treating the bags and the woman told me that all bags are enzyme washed and don't need to be treated. The enzyme wash is what makes it that lovely softness!

    Per one of the postings on this thread, I throw my LP bag around too and take it everywhere and still the leather is AMAZING!

    p.s. what is Apple Guard? Never heard of it.
  5. Also, LP has great color fastness so you won't have to worry about those lovely shades wearing off on your clothes. They are fabulouse bags!
  6. It is a leather protectant. They also have a moisturizer. You can get it at Burlington coat factory, and some link online, but I am not sure what that one is. :shrugs:

    If you do a board search, you will find 1,000's of posts on it! :yes:
  7. But...but...but....I have never not treated a bag. :s The leather on these bags just seems to be so if something gets on it, it'll just suck it right up! :push:
  8. I KNOW!!! I thought the same thing. I have pre-treated all of my leather bags, but this one definitely seems different. I have absolutely no rain spots or even scratches anywhere on my bag! It is amazing. I probably would treat it if it was a light color though...

    Which one are you looking at? I am dying for the LP Dylan Quilted Bowler in Whiskey....
  9. Interesting, I'll definitley look into that. Thanks for the tip!
  10. My sister has the Dylan Quilted Bowler in black. She goes everywhere with it! She's obsessed, but it's hard not to be, the bag is so awesome! :yahoo: