treatment for python bag??

  1. :confused1:need help. my daughter bought me a JC python bag at the sample sale in NYC and i want to treat it before i use it. does anyone know what to use???
  2. I've been informed that dyo reptile conditioner is a good choice. I used it on my Anaconda "Mahdi", and it seems to work fine. Ofcourse, I baby my bag, so it hasn't been tested. :smile:
  3. thanks for the info, i'll try to find some. her fashion editor at NY magazine suggested Meltonian but it is for shoes and i thought it might not apply to easily. and BTW i plan to baby my bag as well. she bought it for a steel and i love it!
  4. I have a light colored JC python bag and matching shoes and I treated them both with appleguard--it works great.
  5. I have a JC python bag that I used for about 1.5 years straight. I used no treatment at all and it still looks great