Treatment for keloid scars...please help me!

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  1. I have two huge scars on my upper back that I cannot stand. Originally, I got the scars from acne, and I tried to have them surgically removed. Unfortunately for me, they keloided, big time. My plastic surgeon tried injecting them with a steroid (I believe), but they just got bigger and bigger. I have tried laser, and it made no difference. They are so huge, and I am so self conscious of them - I cannot wear anything sleeveless because they are so prominent. I was considering going to a doctor that specializes in treating burn victims. Does anyone have any suggestions as to other possible treatments before I go that route? They are old scars (close to 10 years old) that are super red and raised. Would any type of a peel work to reduce them??
  2. Try this product: Its called Scarguard MD. I got it from my plastic surgeon when I got a mole removed from my face. It is supposed to flatten keloid scars as well. The box has a picture of a keloid scar before and after and the results looked great. It can be bought in drug stores, but let me warn you its fairly expensive. I bought a bottle at the docs office for $50 but it totally eliminated my scar. Its weird cause you have to use a brush that it comes with to paint the medicine on, sort of like nail polish. When it dries it is this clear slick that can peal off easily. Try it and let me know. You will have to use it for about 3 or 4 months.
  3. OMG - just googled it and it looks fantastic for scars. Definitely gonna try it out and I'll let you know the results. I'm desperate at this point =)
  4. Ok great. I hope it works. Let me know how it goes, but remember it will take a couple of months to see results. Keep it away from the sun too, I remember my PS said to always wear sunscreen b/c it makes the scar worse. Good luck.
  5. I am so glad this came up. I was in a car accident five years ago, and I have a couple of keloids at my hairline and under my hair. I always have to comb my hair to cover the one that sort of shows. I will look for this product!
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    great thread, let us know if it works
  7. My MIL is prone to keloids as well. She had to have cancerous cells removed on her chest, and developed a keloid scar. The doctor gave her a long series of cortisone shots to keep it from getting large. She said it hurt so bad, she would never do it again.

    I'd like to know how this product works also.
  8. i had one keloid and i got 2 treatments of cortisone injections on it and it is now flat
    depending on your case, cortisone shot treatment can occur for a longer period of time and the keloid will become flat and less enflamed/bothersome in time (6mos-1yr)

    the shot was actually only a little bit of pain the first time and the second time i barely felt anything

    definitely wear sunscreen! when the keloid is red or itchy, it is enflamed and can grow bigger, so you should get it treated right away if this happens

    it worked for me! i'm happy with the result because i think i had a good doctor
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    Thanks for your input ladies. I had the scars injected with something years ago - not sure if it was cortisone or a steroid...either way, it just keloided so bad, and it looks HORRIBLE! The plastic surgeon I went to said he wouldn't touch it cause he says it is in such a bad place, it will only get bigger. Hence, my desire to go see a burn specialist.

    This is what I plan on doing - I go to another plastic surgeon to get my facial products, and he has a collagen stimulator spray. It is primarily used to stimulate collagen in the face, but they told me to try it on the scars - it may help. So I'm going to get that spray, use it twice a day, and then use ScarGuard on it twice a day. I hope all of the collagen stimulation should help.

    If any of you have keloids, or just want the link to buy the collagen spray, let me know, and I can post a link for the doctors site. Or, if you just want to wait for me to post the results of my experiment, I will update you guys. I think the entire process should be about 4 months time.
  10. My SO is prone to keloid scars, he has a few of them on his arms and back. They never really bothered him or me, but if the stuff Shoegal mentioned works, I would most definitely buy it. Please keep up updated!
  11. I have keloid scars and nothing really helped remove all honesty....
  12. keloids are treatable but not cureable. have your derm look into the new pressure treatment option -- it flattens them overtime!
  13. my friend tried sea salt and it worked for her.
  14. did it work to help lighten the color or the bumpiness?
    did she use epsom salt? did she scrub it or soaked in the ocedan water?
  15. Do not, under any circumstances, use ocean water. Use sea salt (not kosher salt, not epsom salt), and warm distilled water. This is what they recommended to me when I got my industrial piercing. The warm water feels great and the sea salt cleans it out. Warm water stimulates blood flow.