Treatment for eczema on your face?

  1. So I've had eczema for about 3 years now - red itchy bumps on my arms and legs. I think it's spread on my face just this week because I have itchy bumps on my cheeks and chin now. I've used fluticasone (steroid cream) for body itching, but don't know what to do about the face. My dermatologist has been pretty useless so I'm going to have to find another one.

    Anyone have suggestions to relieve itchiness on your face (I heard hydrocrotisone is a no-no from a dr).
  2. i had eczema on my face due to stress. what helped me a lot was calendula cream. it did not reduce itchiness as much as steroid cream, but it is better for you.
  3. It could be caused by a soap or lotion that you are using. Check out the ingredients in your products and see if there is a common one in what you are using. Did you just start using something new on your face that might have triggered a reaction? Most products use dyes and chemical fragrances which are the number one skin irritants. Being that I am an Arbonne consultant I highly recommend their products, however there are a slight few other lines that follow the same general philosophy and do not use dyes and chemical fragrance to "enhance" their products.
  4. I have psoriasis (kind of similar) and my cousin has eczema, I'd recommend you read Dr. John A Pagano's "Healing psoriasis: the natural alternative" - there is a chapter in there about eczema.

    I've tried loads of topical creams for my psoriasis, it's itchy, irritating and terrible but I found that once I reached the real "problem" (which has a lot to do with diet) it decreased so much.

    My cousin also avoids bad foods, and it helped, check the book out and see how it goes. It all comes down to experimenting with yourself since everyone's system is different and most people with psoriasis or eczema seem to have more food allergies (irritants) that they just aren't aware of.

    P.S And topical stuff is important of course, to keep it moist and not itchy.
  5. I have eczema too...face and body. Definitely don't use steroids on facial skin, because steroids have the effect of "thinning out" skin and your face is already very delicate. I've tried about a million prescribed creams and OTC "miracle salves" and nothing works for me. EXCEPT: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Cream for Sensitive Skin. It's a rich yet noncomedogenic cream available at your local drug store. Ever since I started using more itchy red bumps on my face! It's deeply moisturizing without clogging pores, and doesn't make your face greasy or shiny. Even my dermatologist hands out samples of it and really believes in it. Good luck!
  6. Aveeno soapless bath products are also great for eczema sufferers
  7. My 4 year old daughter has eczema and I use Vanicream products on her (I buy in bulk from National Allergy Supply but you can Google Vanicream and see if there are other places that sell it).

    As for the person with psoriasis, a friend of mine has had a terrible case of it since she was 12 and for about 12 years now she's used just about everything, without anything truly helping. She just bought something from Walmart about 6 months ago and her psoriasis looks the best it ever has. I'll email her for the name of it and post it when I hear from her!
  8. I have an allergy to a fragrance and my derm said to use Free & Clear products and then reintroduce my old products back into my life. I certainly love my products, but it's worth a try, because I'm itching like crazy! Arghhh!
    Free & Clear Shampoo & Conditioner
  9. Do not use steriod cream... that stuff will make your skin worse once you're off it.. I know... an au natural way to cure it is to was your face with watermelon peel.... and just let it cool... it feels really nice in the summer... but I had a really really really bad outbreak in japan and they call it "atopic" there and my doctor from Vancouver put me on pills when I came back and also prescription cream... so you really should see a good dr. if you think the one you have already isn't doing the trick...
  10. I know this will sound crazy but I'll tell you what works for my 14 yo daughter - banana peels.
    She has ultra sensitive skin and this is the best remedy for her. We just rub the peel on and it takes the itchiness away and also helps heal the spots up for her.
    At the very least you could try it and know that you're not spending a bunch of $$ on something that may or may not work and as an extra added bonus, have a snack :yes:
  11. Thanks ladies! I think my eczema on the face could be due to either using Oil of Olay daytime lotion with sunscreen (which I wasn't allergic to before and started using again recently) or eating seafood. I'm off the lotion and broke down and put a tiny dab of steroid cream on because my face itching was keeping me awake at night. Ahhh. You know I won't use it again.

    I'm going to the drugstore to get some Aveeno products and try some of the other natural remedies as well. Thanks!
  12. I have eczema and use aveeno as my regular moisturizer and cetaphil dry skin creme to put on the actual itchy spots. I use cetaphil clenser to wash my face too! it's great.
  13. i have to second and third the cetaphil gental face wash and facial cream with spf 15. I unfortunately started getting eczema on my face and thought that a little cutivate would do the job. Well it did and my skin got addicted to it and apparently prolonged use of the steroid creme on your face causes something even worse. I started getting these tiny red, spots (looked like rash) on the areas where I'd frequently applied the steroid creme and I didn't know how to cure it. Eventually I was able to ween my skin off it and it finally went away. Now when ever I get rash on my face I just put elidel on it and it keeps it at bay.

    I tried everything on the market from all natural stuff to general cosmetics and nothing really worked. I ended up spending a ton of money on organic products because I thought maybe the sodium laurel sulfate in some products were causing my eczema, but come to find they weren't. Like anything else, you can only learn through trial and error.

    Good luck!
  14. I used elidel as well but it stopped working. Too bad since it's not a steroid.