Treatment for a wasp sting??

  1. While taking a walk with Nicole today, I got stung by a wasp on my right forearm and on my neck :crybaby:. A lady who lived where we were walking ran out right away and gave me two cold, wet paper towels to put on the stings.

    I ran back to where we were visiting with Nicole, and I immediately put half of an Onion on the stings, but it didn't help too much. Neither did the little wipes that I got for bee stings from the pharmacy. I have since taken a motrin and the pain isn't so bad now, but my muscles hurt in my arm and my neck.

    Do any of you have any tips on how to make this go away or is this something that just has to go away on it's own? I haven't been stung by a bee in YEARS (I stepped on one at a pool and it stung me in the foot), so it's kinda new to me, haha.
  2. This works if you do it right after the sting, but it may not help since it's been a while: put some Clorox bleach (the chlorine kind) on the sting. Yes, I know, it sounds insane. My daughter's babysitter told me this one many years ago and I thought she was nuts. As it was, my daughter got a sting one day at the sitter's house and the bleach worked like a charm. Just be careful to keep the bleach only on the sting area.

    By the way, are you sure the stinger is out? If not, that could be making it worse. Get someone to check it for you.

    Edit note: take some Benadryl! It counteracts the histamine reaction from the stings.
  3. Thank you for that tip! Yep, I'm positive that the stinger is out. My mom just checked the stings again :smile:
  4. This may sound gross, but also you could dab some vinegar on the stung areas. Wasp stings are primarily alkaline, and the acid in the vinegar will neutralise the poison.
  5. That's not gross at all. I was expecting you to say something like for me to pee on it, lol. Like a jellyfish sting :smile: Thank you! The wasps here are crazy. They say there's a lot of them this year since it was all of a sudden VERY hot in July and now it's getting cooler. Ugh, I didn't even do anything to that wasp. All of a sudden, Nicole ran away and my arm and neck started to burn and sting like hell. I didn't even hear or see the wasp!
  6. Sounds like it works under the same premise as the chlorine bleach does. I think I'd prefer vinegar to bleach!

    Of course in my case if I get stung there's only one treatment: a trip to the nearest hospital. I allergic! :wtf:
  7. My nutritionist swears by mud mask-or I guess any clay mask will do. I know for sure it works on fire ant bites so I think it would be worth a try on a sting.
    Hope you feel better.
  8. baking soda. make a paste and put it on the affected area- it works with bee stings and other insect bites, takes away the pain immediately.
  9. That also works for sweat stains on clothing :smile: Thank you!
  10. any kind of lidocaine based skin anielgesic (like for sun burns ) works great ..., onion always worked for me ... but it does smell
  11. My grandmother used to put tobacco on mine. I have no idea if it worked (it was years ago)!! There's gotta be something to it though...
  12. I heard meat tenderizer is supposed to soothe stings... but I'm sure no one really keeps thatlying around the house
  13. i work at a summer camp and what we do is simply put deoderant on it!
    it takes down the swelling and the pain :smile:
  14. When Stung

    * Apply a cold compress to the area - an ice pack is ideal, though do not put the ice directly on the flesh. Preferably leave on for about 20 - 30 minutes.

    * Bathe area with a mild solution of vinegar or lemon juice to help neutralise the venom. Then use calamine lotion to soothe the area.

    * If swelling persists or area of inflammation increases then obtain some antihistamine medicine from a drug store. Common antihistamine tablets are used for hayfever and creams for skin irritations.

    * If stung in the mouth or throat, minimise swelling by sucking on ice or drinking cold water slowly.
    * Keep an eye on the patient, if there are any symptoms of an allergic reaction seek medical help as soon as possible.
  15. Omigosh, I'm sorry! Ouch! I know tobacco helps ease the itching... just unpack the contents of a cigarette, mix with water and apply. Ack, feel better soon!!