Treating Yourself - xmas/holiday gift from LV


hubba hubba ;)
Sep 23, 2006
so, who purchased an LV for themselves for xmas or december holiday?

I fully admit to getting the IpanemaPM. It is my first shoulder handbag from LV. (...err, yah, there's been other little gifties I bought myself too . .special make-up, etc, etc.);)
Well, I just got my Christmas bonus so I'm sure I'll think of something.....I've been eyeing the mono Noe...I need a shoulder bag for my trip to FL in Feb. There's so many things I want!!!
iw as going to get myself the manhattan gm b/c i broke up with my bf last week but they only had made in usa ones and my aunt stopped me from buying it.... my sa is on the lookout for a made in france...