Treating Yourself - xmas/holiday gift from LV

  1. so, who purchased an LV for themselves for xmas or december holiday?

    I fully admit to getting the IpanemaPM. It is my first shoulder handbag from LV. (...err, yah, there's been other little gifties I bought myself too . .special make-up, etc, etc.);)
  2. my two miroir pieces are def. christmas presents for myself .. allthough I'll start using them right away..
  3. Since my Epi speedy & Damier papillon were purchased in December....I guess they kinda count as Xmas present to self!
  4. Yes got mine couple of days ago and 2 more on the way..and I am done for this year.
  5. Not quite yet, but have some stuff in the works :graucho:
  6. like the day after xmas im going to pick up my damier speedy :smile: !
  7. Eyeing an azur cles while on my trip to Maui...
  8. i will be buying myself a Damier wallet
  9. Well, I just got my Christmas bonus so I'm sure I'll think of something.....I've been eyeing the mono Noe...I need a shoulder bag for my trip to FL in Feb. There's so many things I want!!!
  10. the icons book. thats all i can afford :P
  11. Got myself a Noe and received it in the beginning of December. I consider that a present for myself. :biggrin:
  12. I bought my Christmas presents. I got a mandarin pocket organizer and a mandarin Dhanura. Both came from Elux.
  13. iw as going to get myself the manhattan gm b/c i broke up with my bf last week but they only had made in usa ones and my aunt stopped me from buying it.... my sa is on the lookout for a made in france...

  14. What else are you getting Nita :graucho:

  15. You just have to wait..LOL:supacool: :roflmfao: