Treating yourself for the Holidays?

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  1. What is your next purchase? Are you going to treat yourself for the Holidays with a great new party bag?
  2. i don't think i'm going to buy a bag for the holidays, but depending on my grades this quarter (first qtr back to school after a LONG time off) I was thinking of buying either a venetia or something in the chanel cambon line...If I get A's in both classes I'll get the chanel, otherwise, B's will be the venetia or maybe another LV. Anything lower than a B and I get nothing!
  3. I'm eyeing a nice new Chloe Silverado- and a new lap top!!
  4. Which color?
  5. we'll have to see what my christmas money affords me...i should just save up for a paddy and be done with it.
  6. I doubt it, or at least not in a big way. Maybe I'll celebrate if I manage to get a big student loan, but for now, I have to cheap it out !
  7. Of silverado?? I'm not sure! A sotr just called to tell me that had some new ones in, in a teal color I believe, so I want to go check them out!!
  8. I am deciding between the Gucci Medium Horsebit Hobo, or the Marc Jacobs Blake satchel in ferrari red :love: Wish I could get both, but I can only afford one. I just went to NM over lunch and looked at the Blake (which is gorgeous), and went to Gucci and tried on the Hobo, but it was in leather. They're out of stock in the canvas, the SA told me they won't be in until around Christmas :suspiciou Ugh, decisions...
  9. I have too many gifts to buy. But after the first of the year when those holiday bills are paid.....;)
  10. The Chloe paddington coming in and the Chanel J12 with the diamond markers :biggrin:
  11. I just plunked $ down today on a pre-sell of a white Goyard tote. I'm going to personalize it with brown and gold stripes and a gold Chinese dragon!
  12. Hmmm...maybe a new cellphone. Specifically the Razr V3x.
    I have so many gifts to give this x-mas...
    But I'd probably sneak myself a few LVs here and there. hehe