Treating yourself for the Holidays?

Nov 1, 2005
i don't think i'm going to buy a bag for the holidays, but depending on my grades this quarter (first qtr back to school after a LONG time off) I was thinking of buying either a venetia or something in the chanel cambon line...If I get A's in both classes I'll get the chanel, otherwise, B's will be the venetia or maybe another LV. Anything lower than a B and I get nothing!


Oct 23, 2005
I am deciding between the Gucci Medium Horsebit Hobo, or the Marc Jacobs Blake satchel in ferrari red :love: Wish I could get both, but I can only afford one. I just went to NM over lunch and looked at the Blake (which is gorgeous), and went to Gucci and tried on the Hobo, but it was in leather. They're out of stock in the canvas, the SA told me they won't be in until around Christmas :suspiciou Ugh, decisions...