Treating vachetta leather??

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  1. I know this has been asked a thousand times but there have been so many mixed reviews that I'm now confused....

    I just got the mono neverfull mm and I'm contemplating treating it. I haven't used it yet due to fear of staining the vachetta. I also like the look of the patina over the brand new pale vachetta. Does anyone know if the kiwi protect all spray will ruin the patina process? Is LMB better? What to do....what to do. I'm dying to use my bag ;)
  2. The patina on a Neverfull happens so quickly since there is hardly any leather. I wouldn't treat this particular bag. I don't actually treat any of my bags but I think you will have a nice honey patina within a couple of months so you should just enjoy your new bag! :smile:
  3. I'm one of those girls that likes to keep my vachetta light. So I pre-treat new vachetta with the stuff from Love My Bags. It works well and I even got caught in the rain with my new Neverfull in mono and there were no stains. :smile:
  4. I used the Cadillac Leather Shield spray from Nordstrom on my new bag. I got caught in light rain a week after treatment and so far, no water stains/marks. As far as patina is concerned, I have untreated bags and haven't seen a difference between those and the treated bag as far as ability to patina. I live in a hot, sunny state so all my bags patina quite quickly, even the treated one.
  5. Saphir Renovateur leather conditioner. Has mink oil that will water protect your bag and should not darken the vachetta:smile:
    It is what LV use in repair I was told:smile:
  6. Here is my NF from 2009. I sprayed her back then with kiwi rain protector. I regret that I did that. Wish I only used mink oil. But it looks good I suppose for its age. I clean it a couple times of the year depending on how much usage she gets. She's not my every day bag, more my travel bag:smile:

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  7. I followed the suggestion on the patina champ thread on both my favorite and sully. I'm very happy with the results although I have yet to test it on a rainy day. I don't care for light vachetta and was looking forward to seeing it honey as quickly as possible.
  8. Why do you regret using the Kiwi Rain Protector? Did you have problems with it? And your bag looks great!
  9. I think more bc I wish it had gotten some air the first weeks, so it could lay that "film" of patina. If it does that, it waterproofs itself. Thing is, those vintage pieces that are honey caramel aren't treated. I think most of our bags will look great when we treat but will never look like those vintage ones. All of our bags will turn darker. But which tone of patina will we get? I think it affects the leather more than we realize. My NF looks great, but I wish I had left it like LV recommend. My new NoeBB hasn't gotten any treatment and I can see it turning a different dark. More glossy and more lush. I don't know though. And nothing went wrong, except I inhaled the stuff right up my nose I remember. Other than this nothing else Hehee
  10. Omg haha! But yes I know what you mean... The treated VVN looks more dull and almost grey compared to the rich honey color of the untreated... Right?
  11. Exactly! And this is what happened to a lot of bags that "we" clean and treat. It just attracts dust and dirt more than having that film on it, and with too much moisture, the dust will stick to it. Interesting to see how my BB will look:smile: but if OP wants a quick water proofing, I suggest going mini oil over that harsh stuff!:smile:
  12. Wow! I love the wealth of information on this forum. Thanks for all the responses I just read about the patina champs method and it actually makes sense. I think I should just let it patina itself or try the method. That even honey patina is to die for️in my opinion, anyway. Maybe conditioning it at some point after it patina's with what NickitaLuvsLV suggests will be a good idea.
  13. Good to know. My galliera and tivoli which were not treated have that golden honey and glossy patina to them. Would be interesting to see how my treated bag would turn out once it comes of age. My SA also told me not to put anything on the leather and just let the natural patina provide the protection.

  14. Your neverfull looks great! Thanks for the great advice. So, after I read your post I went and looked at my other mono bags. I have a delightful that I treated 4 years ago with LMB and a speedy 25 that I never treated. They were bought around the same time. The delightful strap has patina'd but it's not shiny and smooth whereas my speedy handles are honey colored and very smooth. I never thought to check that. There's a difference between the 2. I guess there must be a reason they tell you not to treat it!!

  15. Yes I agree with your post. I have used kiwi spray before and it leaves a film on the leather. I guess like a barrier shield to protect against water spots. So this time with my new petit Noe NM with all that vachetta I did the patina champ method and I couldn't be more pleased. It hardly darkened and there's no film on the bag whatsoever so never really thinking about the shade of patina you prob have a point about the shade of honey they'll become. I've read on the patina champ thread that LV sa's recommend the patina champ method but never any sprays...hth