Treating Treesje Leather?

  1. For those of you who are really familiar with Treesje bags- do you treat the leather? I am a regular in the Rebecca Minkoff forum where there is a lot of discussion about this and it seems like it's a given that almost everyone uses products like Apple Garde or LMB.

    Should Treesje leather be treated with these products, or will it ruin it?
  2. That's what I was wondering as well-I have the Asher and I haven't treated it yet, but I feel I should-however I don't know what to try!
  3. I am waiting for an Avalon to get here in Stone Shine and I am worried about not treating the leather because it's a lighter color. It also seems to have a sheen to it already, like it might be glazed, so I don't know what that means.

    I used Apple Garde on my Cloud Grey Rebecca Minkoff and it darkened it a little bit and didn't help to prevent denim dye from rubbing off, but it's hard to say whether it was worth it or not. I don't want to mess up my Treesje bag!
  4. Hmmmm....good question. I am not going to treat my bag with leather conditioner (it's black shine leather) because it does have a light glaze, but I definitely think that I will treat it with AG stain/rain spray. Maybe we should ask the folks at Treesje themselves?

    Maybe some of the more experience Treesje lovers can help with this, too.
  5. Yea, I don't know if I should apple guard stone shine. Also in the future I don't know how to treat the non shine ones either?
  6. I asked customer service at Treesje and they didn't want to respond. They said it was up to me, and if I have questions I should call a business that does leather care.

    I have four Treesje bags. With the darker glossy bags I've used regular leather protector/conditioner and they look fine.

    I have one white lamb leather bag and have no idea how to treat that. So far I've just been careful with it and carry it only occasionally.

    The Treesje bag in my avatar darkened when I tried putting a little leather conditioner on an inconspicuous spot, so I haven't protected that either.
  7. I guess I'll wait and do a test spot but I don't want my bag to be unprotected and get ruined. I did have a juicy leather bag one time and I left it in a shopping cartvin the rain and it was still ok, it was the most durable bag ever.
  8. I purchased a coach cleaner and conditioner and have used it on my magnolia with no problems. I really want to try some apple garde since the girls on here rave about it. I also just used a regular shoe/leather waterproofing spray that I've used on my timberland boots...hey if it works for suede + snow it's ok right?
    I really have no experience taking care of leather bags, but that's what was available to me at the time and it was raining!

    No ill effects, but then again the magnolia I have has some discoloration on the bottom, handles, and seemed like it was display model that had been handled a lot. Since it's already a little "loved" I am less wary about just tossing it around and having denim transfers.
  9. Aznkat, Is your Magnolia (and I love that bag! ;) ) lamb leather? It looks like it. It looks like a very soft and light leather. I have a Gardenia bag which is similar to the Magnolia except that it's a half-moon shape. Treesje customer service told me that it's lamb leather.
  10. Is the Gardenia the half-moon shaped hobo with the single row of ruffles at the top?

    If so, I saw one of those in the Philly airport several months ago and have been lusting after it ever since...
  11. I treated my Plum Asher and I did not like the results: ( I had used it for a month or so before I decided to treat it and I have to say I really regret it. The bag doesn't look bad but it doesn't have the same slight gloss to it. It became somewhat dull especially when I treated the handles with the Lovin My Bags handle care stuff. I ran a wet cloth over the bag last week and it helped a lot though to restore the sheen at least in the handles.. Maybe I put my products on too thickly..
  12. I used the LMB pro-treatment, moisturizer and shine restore on my Treesje bags and had fabulous results. I have the kit that is made for Balenciaga's delicate leathers and I have had no problems using the products on any of my Treesje bags.
    My Asher is so yummy and chewy after I applied the pre-treatment and silk moisturizer. It looks as gorgeous as always and did not change a thing about it other than now it's protected. I took her out in the rain the next day and the raindrops dried with no marks and if possible it's even softer now.
    I would always be sure to test a small spot first but they have worked great for me. Barbara is happy to help over at lmb if you have questions about their products and which would work best for your bag. Also, they give a discount to pf members:tup:
  13. I think my black Magnolia is lamb leather because it's super smooth and soft plus lightweight. If there is anything that is making the bag heavy, it's the hardwares. But my Magnolia is still lighter than Asher though.
  14. I have sprayed my asher to protect it, but I haven't cleaned or conditioned it yet. I use a spray I got at the Bass outlet near me. It was only around $5 for a huge can, and it has worked fabulously on everything I have sprayed it with.
  15. You can contact Treesje too. I'm sure customer service would let you know!