Treating the Muse--Apple Garde???

  1. Do most of you treat your Muse with Apple Garde? I've done this to my b''bags, but am not sure about doing so with YSL. Has anyone used anything on a metallic?
  2. I used Vectra spray on my Ivory Muse but didn't treat my chocolate Muse. Maybe I should have sprayed the chocolate Muse also, don't know.
  3. cilla - I'm glad you treated yours. I saw a girl yesterday with the oversized ivory and she had it laying on the floor of the restaurant. I could hardly stand it. I wanted to tell her to pick it up and put it on the chair. When she left, I could see that the bag was just filthy. Not just on the bottom but on the sides. She obviously didn't take very good care of it.

    The Muse is on my wish list and you can bet I'll take very good care of it. You probably wouldn't have to treat the chocolate one.