Treating New Vachetta on Neverfull options?

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  1. Hello!

    So I have read a few posts about treating Vachetta but would like an updated/specific recommendation.

    Treating New Vachetta on New Neverfull handles. Recommendations? Tips? Out in the sun before treating? Thank you.

    Also to treat the favorite strap?
    Azur canvas?
    Rose poudre straps on the Neonoe?
  2. I just recently treated my new NF MM with Apple Garde. I treated the entire bag (not just the vachetta) because it's DA and I wanted to protect the canvas as well. I have a friend who treated her DA bag with Apple Garde and hasn't had any color transfer at all even though she's been carrying it nonstop for months. So far, so good!

    At the same time, I used the Patina Champ method on my new Speedy 30. I posted a thread comparing Apple Garde to the Patina Champ method:
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  3. I would be afraid to treat vachetta leather with any product.. Why not call LV customer service or speak to an LV sales person before trying any product?
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  4. Thank you! Just saw your post and was almost convinced. But I’m scared to over dry the bag.
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  5. Thank you. I just don’t know what to do and I really don’t have a good vibe with the SAs. Like maybe I don’t buy enough in store for them to develop a sincere relationship lol. (I was sold a used/displayed Neverfull that I had to exchange for another new one)
    I was hoping to find a good tip on this forum because I think ppl here are more experienced.
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