Treating metallic bags

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  1. I am sure this has been covered here before, but what should you do to preserve a metallic bag? I bought a copper Zoe, and I want to preserve the finish as best as I can.

    I tried a search, but didn't use the right buzzwords.

    Thank you.
  2. I would spray it with Apple guard rain and stain protectant - I have used this on many types of bags and it will not harm most leathers - it will turn the leather darker but it will lighten back up and it also has a bad smell that will be gone in about one day.
  3. Thanks, I've never seen that product but will look for it when I go out.
  4. Where do you buy this Apple rain guard and stain protectant? I really want to coat my metallic Peyton (thread above about how the metallic finish on one TPFer's bag is wearing after only two light wearings--! :s). Thank you for your help in preserving my baby! Right now I almost feel wary of using it.... :wondering
  5. ^ Hth!
  6. ^^Yep...or Burlington Coat Factory if you have one in your area.
  7. Thanks so much! You girls are Godsends. My metallic Peyton thanks you, too, btw. ;)