Treating greasy roots

  1. It may sound gross but I'd like to prolong the days I can go without having to wash my hair; I like to try to be as kind as possible to it, especially now that I've invested in a flat iron. (Don't get me wrong, I shower daily :p) Even if I can prolong an extra day though, I'll be happy. I think I can go at least two days until I start to notice the greasy roots.

    That said, how long do you usually go w/o washing your hair? And what do you guys to do get rid of the greasy roots (aside from washing)? I heard baby powder works well but I've not tried it...:confused1:
  2. My hair is so fine (but curly) that I can't go more than two days without washing it. I'd love to hear what the rest of the ladies' advice is!

    BTW, I twirl my hair a lot and I find that touching it makes it go greasy faster.
  3. Aveda makes a product called revive. to freshen up the hair and roots in between shampooing It smells good.You spray it on,It works great.
  4. I know, I do notice that touching your hair speeds up the grease =\ It's a habit of mine too. Guess I'll try to cut down on that...
    Thanks for the Aveda suggestion, toonie.
  5. My sister's hair gets a lot more greasy than mine, however I noticed after cutting mine shorter it does not get greasy anymore (unless it's unwashed for days).. styling, blow drying and products keep it even more "dry" longer.

    I do like to let my hair get greasy once in a while, I heard it's the best conditioner and I believe it is.

    I wash my hair every other day, it's very straight and pretty fine :smile:
  6. I have oily hair... but I have to wash it every day :shrugs:

    Would love a recommendation on a great shampoo for this!
  7. Bumble & Bumble makes colored hair powder that's supposed to keep the greasies at bay, I've never tried it though.
  8. ok gals. i tried the baby powder remedy. it actually works and makes sense. talc/powder absorbs oil. a light dusting on my roots and a quick brush through and it looks like i'm good to go for another day :smile: yay
  9. ^^ I put it on my hair a few weeks ago and it was terrible! I sprayed on black since my hair is dark brown and the rest of the day every time I touched my hair there was black powder under my nails, terrible. I think I was supposed to brush it out vigorously but still....
  10. you tried the bumble & bumble powder? ya, i'm not too sure if i'd like to be spraying on colored powder into my hair. but baby powder i can deal with :smile:
  11. i tried that baby powder thing before and it didnt work for me--my hair was still greasy?? but Im glad it worked for you! I would like to know how to keep greasies at bay on oily hair too
  12. They also sell something called 'dry shampoo' it's a spray with some alcohol and powder. it works like the baby powder, but it's extra fresh because of the alcohol/perfume.
  13. I totally understand your problem Ichelle and it's so frustrating! I'd love to be able to wash my hair every second or third day, especially because I find my hair looks great after a day's wear (or even the morning after)...

    Apparently, you can "train" your scalp's production of sebum, but it's a hard slog! I've heard that the scalp produces oil in response to being too clean, so for all those daily hairwashers out there (and I'm definitely one of them!), you are actually exacerbating the problem in trying to solve it... does that make sense?

    What you need to do is start washing your hair every second or third day. It will take 3-4 weeks (sometimes more) for your scalp to adjust. At the end of it, you'll find that your scalp doesn't get as greasy as quickly.

    So great in theory, I know, but I still haven't been game enough to try and live through those initial weeks!

    As for the baby powder, Ichelle, did you find it left any residue? Did you get white/grey roots?
  14. Stila has some hair powders that I really like. I'm sure it's probably just talc bottled in a nice package for suckers like me, but it works really well. They're also scented which is nice.

    I've also got the B&B hair powder spray. I like it cause it's also got some hold. I usually use it at night before I go out so I can get some volume, as well as keeping my hair less greasy.
  15. I do the baby powder when my hair is longer-just a touch and brush with a clean dry brush.