Treating cystic acne

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  1. Ever since having my son, I get random clusters of cystic acne on my chin that pops up pretty regularly. My skin is not oily, not dry, and I use Cetaphil and my Clarisonic MIA.

    Any advice?!?
  2. See a dermatologist! Adult acne is not considered normal.
  3. go to derm and get a rx for spironlacutane.
  4. I used to use Retin A and a topical anti bacterial Rx, for chin/jaw flare-ups, in my 30's. I started using Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid. I have never once had a cystic pimple of chin/jaw acne since I started using the product. I just bought my 3rd bottle, today.

    It comes in a lotion, gel and liquid form. The lotion broke me out, but it's great to put on after shaving- no bumps!
  5. Suggest seeing a derm to diagnose & treat may need a topical product
  6. I use the 2% BHA liquid too! I've had a couple breakouts while using it, but that's just to be expected since my acne is especially stubborn and I've been using it for years now, so it's just bound to happen from time to time. Overall my skin is just way better though, smaller pores and looks smoother in general. I ran out once and couldn't get a hold of more (I lived in Norway at the time where it's not sold), and my skin went straight back to looking rough with giant, clogged pores all over. If I could only keep one acne fighting product, this would be it.
  7. Here are a couple if things I've noticed to contribute to my acne and cystic pimples:
    - Certain mineral make-up (Every Day miberals gave me horrible cystic pimples!)
    - Too siliconey primers/foundations
    - mineral oil
    - overuse of milk (I used to drink like a litre a day....)

    I now use La Roche Posay Duo+ and Neutrogena Grape Wash (the creamy one) every day and it's really made a difference. Blackheads are not gone but the pimples have died down I only ever get big ones now if I start picking at my skin. Duo+ is great if you have dry acne prone skin because it's not a gel and you can put another moisturizer on top

    I have pretty sensitive skin so using other BHA/AHA products has been a no go for me.
  8. Currently I try to buffer acne eruption with's a prescription cream, not unlike retin a. It doesn't appear to work if acne is resulting from hormonal fluctuations.
  9. There's this lady on you tube that is always drinking some form of coffee with milk or cream and she is seeing any dermatologist but she is still haves some breakouts. Yes I do know that it will take for things clear up when you are seeing a dermatologist.
  10. Retin-A is how I basically stopped having cystic acne. I used to get ones that'd last a month just sitting under the skin never coming up. :/
    Derm put me on Retin-A and now I never get it as long as I use it regularly!
  11. Btw, my insurance covered it tol since it was used to treat acne and not wrinkles (although a happy side effect)!
  12. I take my coffee with milk, too, and eat yoghurt and cheese. I don't drink milk anymore, though. I did go totally milk free for almost two years and saw a significant decrease if the painful cystic pimples. I'm not avoiding milk now but the point is that I can never go back to using milk products as much I used to (almost a litre of milk day plus yoghurt etc etc). It's just something I found out has an effect on me.

    If you do use a lot of milk products and suspect it might make a difference, I recommend going milk free for quite some time and then easing back in.
  13. ACCUTANE! It really worked for me! See a professional as your skin is everything!
  14. You need to see a derm. Taking a bunch of suggested products from others may not work for you and it is a waste of money. You could end up making it worst. I use to have really bad acne and tried everything out there. My derm put me on so many different creams, gels and pills and nothing worked. My last resort was Accutane (derms will not give it to you until you have tried everything else). It is a very dangerous drug and you have to fill out tons of paperwork before you can get it. You also have to see your doc every month when you need a refill ( to take a blood test and pregnancy test). It is not a fun process, but works miracles for some after one course but not the case for everyone. I was fortunate that one 5 month course worked for me (took it 12yrs ago).

    I now maintain my skin with retin-a, gycolic mini peel pads, vitamin C serum and SPF
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  15. I use Differin as a spot treatment. Let it dry 5 min and moisturize over it because it will dry up your skin. However, it has worked magic for me. Big difference overnight.
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