Treating Bag Before First Use?

  1. I'm reading about how great Apple leather care. Is it important to treat the bags before using them for the first time, or do people use leather care for maintenance, cleaning, etc? Thanks! (proud owner of a black Venetia I've been carrying for a few days--untreated)
  2. You don't really need to treat MJ leather, at least that's what I've heard the MJ SAs say. The leather is suppose to be already pre-treated. I think regular maintenance is best. Make sure you clean the leather regularly with baby wipes and condition once in a while with Apple Garde.
  3. is the same true for the patchwork bags?
  4. <<i haven't treated any of my first i was bummed about it when my stam hobo in cashew started changing/ fading after a little while from use...but after hearing the horror stories of terrible fading and someone ruining their bag by putting a protectant on it...i think i'm safer with nothing
  5. Funny this topic came up. I've been home ill and trying to kill time. Today, I dragged out a bunch of MJ bags and went at cleaning & conditioning them. I do try to condition my Stripings about once every three months or so because the leather seems dryer than other MJ bags, and I do spray almost all of them LIGHTLY with Apple Garde.