Treat or Don't Treat White Baby Cabas?


Sep 16, 2006
hi girlies,

so i finally picked up my white baby cabas and i'm deciding on whether to keep it or not. i love it :love: but i'm really worried about it getting dirty. i don't think i want the black baby cabas any more. i know a lot of the pfers love the black baby cabas, but i personally don't like the look of black distressed leather. i prefer for my black bags to be really black and not grey-ish.

i was wondering if it is possible to treat the white baby cabas with something to protect the leather. have any of you treated or plan to treat your white baby cabas? what are you using?

i know that it'll really bother me if this bag gets dirty (to the point where i will not carry it anymore). i'm very careful with my belongings, but i know that it will probably still get dirty. i'm leaving for new york tomorrow night, so i only have until then to return the bag. please help asap!

thanks in advance!
I was worried about this too, and ended up returning the white in exchange for teal. The white is beautiful, just wish I wasn't such a worry wart :smile:) Good luck with your decision.