Treat leather before it cracks...

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  1. I have an older model LV bag and the leather is quite stiff. I'm worried if I don't treat the leather soon it will crack. How do you do with your bags? What do you use? Any recommendations?

  2. What kind of leather? Is it a soft leather? I am curious to hear the thoughts on this because when I just bought my first empreinte bag they told me do not condition. I asked if I should after a year or two of use and she said do absolutely nothing. I was a little surprised by that.
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  3. Yeah, that sounds strange. Would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this...
    It's a vintage bucket monogram bag. It has a band of brown letaher aross and the rest of the bag is monogram leather. It looks like this:
  4. I use Apple brand conditioner for my vachetta. Can be brought on Amazon.
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  5. + 1 Applegard. I've used it for over 10 years. Back before the purse forum, it was recommended by My Pochette, the old LV authentication website.
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  6. Mink oil!!!! That's what an SA @ LV recommended for dry leather:smile: (vachetta)
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  8. I actually had a bloomsbury that cracked in multiple places. I believe it was defective though because LV exchanged it out for a new purse.
  9. wow, thanks :smile:
  10. Will check out! Thanks :smile:
  11. Oh no :amazed:
  12. Can you share the photo? TIA
  13. Check out this thing:

    Saphir Renovateur:smile:

    It is what LV uses to condition I was told:smile: and has waterproofing properties too. I just ordered a jar:smile:
  14. Way to go :smile: Thanks for keeping me updated!!!
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