Treasures Mono Boston Bag

  1. Is this bag still available? I don't see it on the website and the outlet said they didn't receive it? Is it something that can be ordered?

    Do you think I can call my SA at Neimans or would the boutique have more information

  2. Yes your SA should have the info...if not call my SA ( i think her name is Rita) at the Niemans in AZ (the one at scottsdale fashion square)

    She'll be able to tell you all the details (like if they stopped producing them)....

    GOOD LUCK!!! :smile:
  3. Let me tell you...I have had this bag for OVER a year...I have tried to sell it..with many offers...I could never let it go. I NEVER carried it...and now...I have not stopped carrying it since January!!:yes: LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Its been one of my all time favs. FIND ONE!!
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  4. Sunshine~ OMG that is beautiful:drool: :heart: Do you mind telling me the price of it?

    I actually just called my SA at the boutique here and she is supposed to call me back in 20 minutes or so. Thanks

    She asked me for the style number but I didn't have it
  5. You know...I can not even remeber how much it guess 1200??? Maybe more?? I never notice...if I want it...forget it!!! (my DH HATES that!!)lol I hope you find it...please keep us posted!
  6. Aww man she just called me back and said that they didn't make that many and they are all sold out!!! She said I could try Saks or Neimans and see if they have it but I amm soooo sad:crybaby:
  7. awwww im soooo sorry :sad: i hate how that feels!!! maybe just maybe youll get lucky at the other stores!!!! Im sure if you want it that bad you WILL find it...then let me know, i so want that bag now too after seeing Sunshine drool over it! hehehe
  8. I Have to have it!! I want it sooo bad! Man I am going to have to call Neimans and ask the SA there
  9. Any luck??? I hate ebay....but have you looked there??
  10. Sunshine~ Let me ask you did the charm come with it? I see paris has one as well.
  11. gorgeous bag
  12. The charms did some with the bag. Still wondering if you found one!!
  13. Okay I will spill the beans.... I called all over and found 1 it is now at my store but they said it doesn't have a charm on or in the bag... When I called the Las Vegas Neimans,lol the guy said that they were put on sale and purged out of the system to go to the outlets... He also said that if I found one they should give it to me at sale price or I should request it...but I am not sure what to do. When I found one they told me it was $1395... I haven't seen it yet as I am at a conference but I am supposed to go tomorrow. I wonder f I am going to have to pay $1395 for it?