Treasures from Men's Department

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  1. I like to share with you some beautiful items I found at the men's department that ladies might love to have too [​IMG]
    Please share with us your findings and ideas too.

    "The Parade" 70cm
    It ties beautifully and feels just like the women's vintage scarf
    (After seeing how beautiful is this scarf, two colls bought the one in orange c/w:graucho:)

    Close Up

    Bias Fold

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  2. Collection Equestre Reversible Stole


    or White?

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  3. Robee, I've never seen the grey colorway of Parade! I love it! And the bias fold is ingenius with the horses on one side. Just add this to the list of "gotta get it because of Robee" items!
  4. H stole on a mannequin

    How about on me :graucho:



    Losange for that preppy look... love this! high on radar [​IMG]

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  5. robee thanks a lot, now we have to raid the men's dept as well! looks fab!!! btw the stole looks better on you
  6. Robee, thank you for sharing, would not have thought to look in the mens dept. Love
    the parade, love the greys and love anything with horses! Ofcourse, Ofcourse,
    Collection Equestre is totally gorgeous!
  7. there any department in H that you can't find a treasure?;)Great pics!! I love the Equestre reversable stole...Thank you for sharing!!:flowers:
  8. oujia board - yes! that is a brillant pattern. Love it so much. Coll still chasing the black/grey one...:P

    loves - nowadays, SA will tell me, we have new stuff at the men's department and she is not talking about ties and belts hahahaha
  9. Pam - you have the check out the orange c/w too. The horses wearing colourful coats! very summery

    Julide - I try not find treasures as they always cost me monies hahahah
  10. LOL

    and you can consider every purchase as half-priced, since DH can wear them too!
  11. :idea:Excellent thought Loves!!!!:lol:
  12. loves & julide - I am glad my DH not into the silks except the belts. I think he will never imagine the wife raiding men's department too:P
  13. robee
    thank you! just showed my dh, he sees something he likes! maybe i can borrow.
  14. THis is good Loves!

    Robee, your pics are stunning! Adore the beige and blue "preppy" scarf with your skirt and farandole as belt.

  15. Oh, Robee! What an enabler you are! :nuts: