Treasure Hunting

  1. What are the items you find when you choose an older bag to carry and found you left "stuff" inside it? I actually just went through all of my bags. I came up pretty empty handed. I found:

    3 pennies
    A pack of Big Red gum (Very hard)
    1/2 roll of Certs
    A Business card from a Take out Chinese Joint...LOL

    Not even a 5$ Bill !!! Heck...not even a 1$ Bill !!!
  2. lip balm- and i'd looked for it everywhere!
  3. I always find a brand new packet of kleenex, sealed wet nap squares, a little notepad, and a pen! Sometimes I'll find something weird that proves I haven't used the bag in a looong time - like last week when I found matches. I quit smoking last September! :rolleyes:
  4. i always find pens...from school use...probably the stupidest thing I could leave in a nice handbag over a long period of!I also sometimes find lipgloss that I have been looking for!
  5. i always find money LOL
    i put changes everywhere in my bag, and sometimes i'm too lazy to put it on my other bag :p
  6. Usually money and lipglosses, along with a bunch of old receipts!
  7. haha lexie what a funny thread!

    I always find pens!!! and lipgloss*both of which ive prob by them bought new cause i was sure i wouldnt find it so i have about 2000000 lipglosses and pens :smile:

    and i usually find pennies cause i hate pennies and never pay attn to them :smile:
  8. Lipgloss and pens and papers - flyers, note papers, something scribbled etc... come up often..

    The luckiest time I came up with something was $50! It was put inside a red evelope, given to me by an elder and I forgot to open it and kept it in my bag.. so when I found it... WOO HOO! That totally made my day!

    But that only happened once.. and a very very very long time ago!
  9. What a great thread and a great name for an activity I recognise so well! Anywhoo, I invariably find what I buy and carry in bulk, so that'll be:

    breath fresheners/miints
    lip gloss
    the odd notebook
    parking permits
    hair ties and clips for those 'I can't stand my hair being down anymore moments'
    blotting papers (in the summer) to reduce shine

    In other words, no money as sadly that is not on the list of things I always have nor carry in bulk!
  10. Pennies and receipts are my scourge.

    I need to be better about removing the silica packets from bags I take out of storage, people give me weird looks when I go for my pen and one of those dessicant packets comes flying out.
  11. What a funny thread!!

    I always seem to find tons of lipgloss, earrings I've taken out because they annoyed me at the time, and reciepts...sometimes a couple of dollars or change, but, when I'm dead broke, I tend to go thru my purses / wallets looking for money hehe :smile:
  12. I use a Chameleon now so everything comes out when I switch bags.

    However, last month my daughter Ebayed the rest of my Kathy Van Zeeland bags (stop laughing), all sold and sent out. We did get a note from one new owner, she found my fancy gold showroom nametag from the tradeshows I attend. So THAT'S where it was!

    Even the next owner of your bag might find your hidden treasure.
  13. Yup, very true. I sold someone my HH mercer index wallet. Never thought another thing about it until she wrote me and said she had all my business cards from my poodles Vets at OSU and my 2 lens cards that indicate I had cataracts out. I have to show these pre surgery etc. They are considered a "part". She was kind enough to mail them back to me. I had thne tucked in a less visable slip space.
  14. In regular bags, movie or show stubs and kleenex. In dressier bags, placecards from various weddings, etc. In black bags, little lacey head coverings from funerals. NO MONEY! NO JEWELRY! NO TREASURE!
  15. I switch handbags so often that there are certain items that i just don't bother to take out! kleenex, emergency cigarettes and lighter for my hubbie, some Motrin, and whatever loose change that there is at the bottom stays at the bottom.