Treasure Hunters

  1. Has anyone else gotten into this show? I totally love it! I can't STAND the so called religious family. They're such backstabbers! I am fairly religious and they are such hypocrites and give Christians a bad name. Grrrr!

    My favorite team ... oh gosh, I really like the Miss USA team but the ex CIA team is pretty cool too. :smile:

  2. i saw it the first time last nite. IT's kinda intersting. I'm not sure who the religious family is, may be they got voted off???
    It's kinda interesting that one of the guy in the show used to work at the same place with my boyfriend.
  3. Sorry...writing at the time I couldn't remember their name.

    The Fogals are the super hypocritical religious team. They have the drama queen daughter who wouldn't stop whining. Arg. I'd have wanted to smack her myself. :smile:
  4. My goodness That chick was driving me crazy last night ( the daughter) i had to change the channe.

    I just happened across this show and i luv it ... cant wait to see what happens next week. Do u think the Genius are are going to leave that guy ???

    and what happen to the Brown's , i switched channels and missed it
  5. I was close to changing the channel LOL

    The largest of the Brown team pulled a muscle and was in a TON of pain. It sounds like he's out and they never did conclude whether the other two members would keep going.

    The geniuses are just jerks. Typical of pointy-headed ellitist 'intelligencia" ... but when they were talking about 'logic' I laughed because they sounded like Spoc on star trek. :smile: LOL
  6. I wanted to like this show (I love the Amazing Race) but every team on the show annoys me and I can stand to watch it for the entire episode.